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anamore"MDJ has saved my life, I was a recoverying addict, feeling so alone and helpless, then I found MDJ. Sharing my story w/ others and getting support and comfort has made me a stronger person. Being able to help someone who is all alone and in so much pain is so rewarding
I have met some great ppl that have had a strong influence on my life. MDJ gave me my life back..
" (anamore)

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Gender: Female
City: Clinton
State: Maryland
Occupation: To sick to work now!
A little about me: Hi I have just been diagnosed with Lymes after being chronically ill for 4yrs+. I
believe I was bitten in 2005.

I do remember a ring rash on my upper arm. I got a really bad flu that lasted days. And would keep coming back every so often.

I gained sooo much weight. And the arthritis began to cripple me years after. My ankles swell.

My bones hurt. I have terrible headaches and body pains. Shortness of breath.

Severe skin problems. etc.....I could go on and on.
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"I wear this Lyme Disease ribbon because I am so very thankful to have finally found out just what disease has been trying to rob me completely blind of my life. Thank You Lyme Awareness."
"I have fibro and lupus."
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broken gave me a Hug
05/06/2014 09:04 AM
a HugThe wealth is turning wonderful,remember to enjoy the sunshine it is healing:-)

purpleyogamat gave me a Hug
03/13/2014 08:38 AM
a HugHello fellow Lyme Warrior :) I hope you are well. Please take a moment to check the LLMD Requests forum on the Lyme Group. We have changed how LLMD Requests are done. Please make sure any links you post have been updated to the new sticky :) blessings, purple

purpleyogamat gave me a Hug
01/06/2014 05:17 PM
a HugDear members,

I regret to inform you that the member "Creidim" was all a hoax. Please see the post about it in the General forum. If you are in contact with any of Creidim's "family" members - please stop all communication and block that person. This is a very sad day for us in the Lyme Group. I am sorry for those of you who mourned this person. Your pain was REAL. Please know the leaders are here if you need us. blessings, purple

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My Diary
I knew I was dying. Just didnt kno why?
This is a walk thru of the last 5yrs of my life. Me dealing with my life, my health and most of all my mind deteriorating right in front me with no answers as to WHY. Thank You Jesus for giving me my answers. Now please Lord, would You give me my healing?
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