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DanikaT"Being part of MDJunction and more specifically the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support forum has been a gift to my life. When I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I needed to talk and share with people that understood. I was restricted in mobility so it was impossible to find support outside of my home. I was able to receive understanding and non-judgemental support from my bed through the Internet! Although my family and friends were amazing, being a member of MDJunction was my lifeline. It meant that I was understood and cared about and in turn it meant less risk of burnout for my friends and family. I am honored to now be the group leader of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support forum and continue to be supported and learn more everyday that I log in.
Danika :-)
" (DanikaT)

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A little about me: I'm married and I work at home. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in April of 2010. I've been dealing with TMJ issues since the summer of 2008 and some sort of chronic pain pretty much all my life. I've had migraines as long as I can remember.
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LinBC gave me a Hug
04/19/2014 05:37 PM
a HugJust a short note letting you know I'm thinking about you and hope you have a great spring.

oregonnative gave me a Hug
04/19/2014 04:44 PM
a HugHave a Blessed Easter! Hope you enjoy good weather if you have egg hunting in your plans for the wee ones. :) Save me a Peep?

Clarita gave me a Hug
04/10/2014 03:38 PM
a HugHello :-), Group Hug time from your Group Leader Clarita,
Please check out all the new posts over on Chronic Pain Support Group plus if you are able to join in then please freely do so plus thanks in advance for this- this would be fabulous(only if you can post as your pains are not too high or you are not too busy or both of these) if able to join in then do so - refuse to sit on the sidelines- be active/proactive as the more that join in the better it is for the dynamics of the group :-) so the better it is for us all!

Very warm welcome to all new members here- make your fine selves at home with us :-)!

Respect is vital- hence my rant of a post earlier- always treat your fellow chronic pain community member with the upmost respect as well as show them gratitude whenever they take their time to help You. Manners cost little yet make a big difference. Always be civil, adult like as well as treat each other as equals, too.

Bullies will be given zero tolerance by us GL's, too.

Though, on the whole this is a supportive fabulous community even though it has been a little quiet in its voices recently(soon to change hopefully)!
It is a real honour to serve as a GL here alongside Mike and Fibroforever.

Huge heartfelt thanks for all the supportive kind messages receive regularly via private messages from you lovely people here as well as the wonderful hugs- touches me deeply to know that you care plus appreciate what do for You. So huge heartfelt thanks.

All those here holding on tightly keep holding on tightly plus know that it will pass/ease up! Lean on us here for support , too.
If you are in a good phase or just want to show you care then please reach out to your fellow chronic pain member with some words of encouragement or support.

Take excellent care of You- each one of You here, plus take brilliant care of one another. Be kind as we are all each fighting hard battles- as the saying goes!

Choose to be the best you can be plus learn to be your own best friend- make it so!

Look forward to seeing new posts as well as new faces on the support group- all who can make it happen.

Sending you my warmest wishes plus super soothing hugs, namaste Clarita :-)
namaste= the light in me honours the light in you

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