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sarahtroy"There's a special place in my heart for MDJ's Bipolars dealing with Alcoholism support group. As an alcoholic in recovery, it is my safe harbor. I draw strength and hope from our Bipolar alcoholics and addicts who bravely share their experiences and courageously face our common demons. This is a special, close and safe group to explore any alcohol or drug issues. I have made many dear friends and been sustained by the love and acceptance so freely offered." (sarahtroy)

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Gender: Female
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A little about me: Frustrated, devoted wife of Arthritis patient. Disgusted and exhausted!!
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sing4cyndi gave me a Prayer
07/17/2014 12:31 AM
a PrayerI also was just diagnosed with IA after suffering seven years under the guise of fibromyalgia just wanted to say Tramadol really helps me and my rheum is also put me on hydroxychloroquine for inflammation and it helps. Once used for malaria - I guess it still is - it helps- except at night like tonight. My feet legs toes ankles and knees are on fire but then that's how it rolls sometimes.

jaguarandcubs gave me a Hug
05/15/2014 06:46 AM
a HugI am so sorry I haven't been here for you all. I've been battling some major health issues and I just haven't been around. Please know that I DO think of you! I am working really hard to get myself back here and active again. Please forgive me! I will be here as soon as I can.

princessdove gave me a Hug
05/11/2014 01:43 AM
a HugHave a wonderful Sunday. If you are a Mom have a lovely Mother's day too. You can be a Mom to a child or an adult or dog or a cat or a fish or a bird or any kind of furry friend. Enjoy! Have a good week too! :-)

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