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rlt"MD Junction has become an absolute daily staple for me. Finding groups with people who share the same struggles as I have has made me feel connected, and knowing that I am not alone means everything to me." (rlt)

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A little about me: I recently got diagnosed with Cyclothymia which i believe is the wrong diagnosis. I am struggling to get my true diagnosis at present as i have a poor mental health team (in in england.

This is my account:

I believe i am codependant with symptoms of hypermania, depression, anxiety and somatic pain/IBS. If my co-dependancy needs are met, i get hyper and if they are not, i get depressed/anxious. On top of that i have like a rapid cycling mood disorder which changes from a predominately hypermanic or depressed state over a period of weeks/months (not sure yet - keeping a mood diary which is determined by my codependancy. Then, on top of that i also have major Bipolar 2 i believe with mood congruent psychosis in my depression which is affected by both of the other conditions. Very difficult to handle, trying to find out if this is the same for most codependants or if i'm a one of a kind.

About me:

I'm proud after everything i've been through with all 3, where i've managed to get despite them! I now use my experience to help others and so i value myself for the positivity i've achieved out of it. Since my psychosis i've become really focused on helping others like me. I will eventually get a career where i can help people with Mental Health issues. I've messed a lot of education and jobs up but i finally know what i want to do now and I'm on a path of discovery in terms of how i get there! :)

I currently volunteer as a Child Mentor for SOVA. I love to go clubbing, visit the cinema, sing, write, spend time with my friends and my boyfriend! I also study Psychology, Neuroscience and Chemistry.

I believe in being the best person i can be, doing the right thing and working with the truth in order to discover my my purpose! One thing i know for sure is it's ever changing because I'm constantly learning more and more.

Since a major Bipolar episode in 2005, my boyfriend has suffered from Depression, for 4 years now! It's been tough but I'm proud of him for recently visiting a Doctor. Hopefully thats the first step to recovery for him. I know that i've been able to understand him completely because of my symptoms and i think i've coped well despite illnesses. He also has undiagnosed ADHD. He in some ways is my stabiliser, if he's up, I'm up, if he's down, i'm down! lol I love him to pieces. He's so intelligent and special and he sacrifices so much for me, i know he's for keeps. Things have been much better since i was prescribed Sodium Valproate.

I joined this site so i didn't feel so alone in my battles and so i can learn from others experience of their illness (especially Co-dependancy and Bipolar).

I love how i now have friends who can actually empathise with what i've been through! Speak to you soon x
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04/04/2014 07:54 AM
a Hughiya, hope you had a good week and an even better weekend. Piano tuning for me so hopefully ill be in tune by monday lol. have fun whatever you do

2steveb gave me a Hug
03/21/2014 05:14 AM
a Hughi, just a quicky to wish you a good weekend, hope you get chance to have a bit of fun. catch you later

2steveb gave me a Hug
03/01/2014 01:28 AM
a Hughi there, hope your week went well any plans for the weekend? have a good one whatever you do

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