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  "my daughter alivia johnson died of cdh she lasted 30 days one of the worst times..." (maxtor247)
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Latest Klippel-Feil Syndrome Diaries
lindalue22  "i am in agony with my shoulders and the pain i going up my face  been like this for a while cant stand it  i am so depressed "
pinksarahd "So happy today been to the doctors today and took a friend from work with me.  They are going to look into some pain management for me at last and have given me a stick to walk with not too sure"
pinksarahd "Had a bad night last night, terrible pain in my elbow which kept me awake, that made today a hard day trying to cook a meal for the mums, making a trifle and cleaning the house.  I've done"
pinksarahd "Had a terrible nights sleep last night, not cause I was in that much pain but drunken neighbours losing their dogs at 1.30am shouting in the street for them to come back.  Once I was awake I coul..."
pinksarahd "Didn't sleep too well last night, legs playing me up but haven't been too bad today.  Really tired after work but they have clubbed together and paid for me and Gary to go to a Spa Hotel"
pinksarahd "Had a good day today, I'm sure my pains go a bit when the sun is out.  Going to borrow a heat lamp for the weekend to see if that helps me once its been on my neck for a bit........fingers"
pinksarahd "Long day today, painful legs but my hands haven't been too bad so can't complain.  It's been great moaning on here actually at least it gives my family and friends a break from listen..."
pinksarahd "Hi Diary,  didn't get a chance to write yesterday and my hands were too bad to type anyway.  Been sleeping a bit better and not feeling quite so tired in the day, though I haven't be..."
pinksarahd "Well a good night sleep was had, few weird dreams but nothing scarey and even got a bit of a lie in.  Mind in the right place, which makes the pain so much better, just got to keep the good mood "
pinksarahd "Didn't sleep too bad last night only pain in my fingers, woke up at 6.30 thinking I could hear my son shouting me (he slept at his friends last night) I searched the house and shouted him out the "
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