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  "My husband, brother and son" (naenae82)
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Zahc  "‘"Depression, The Secret We Share"*'02/24/14To my dear, dear friends, and always constant readers,Please forgive me, my dearest friends from being noticeably absent from my MDJunct..."
Lizzie  "I am here but I am not all there.................. When will this get easier ?"
kclcollier  "It has brought me to tears this morning. What is it in me that haunts me in the wee hours enough to push me out of sleep and into absolute terror. Some days I wonder if life will ever return to some f..."
NeverGivingUp  "It is so frustrating having all of these things wrong with me, but because people cannot see my pain they have no comprehension as to why I cannot just "get over it". I cannot work anymore b..."
Laora1955  "Thank you for reminding me if my youth, remembering the first time I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan show. I was immediately a fan. The Beatles music shaped my generation. I know all the words to all t..."
Laora1955  "After three dismal, dreary, cold and rainy days, one would think I'd be thankful for an unseasonably warm and sunny day. NOT! Could not force myself to walk out either the front or back door into ..."
Laora1955  "It is a daily struggle for me. Life and living is a challenge. I help other people, yet I find it difficult to help myself. I will not leave my children before it's time. I love them so very much...."
Laora1955  "At this point in my life, I have finally come face to face with the realization that ... there has to be more for me. Ten long years and it would seem that I have finally come to the conclusion .... T..."
Lizzie  "Aluta Continua ................ The struggle continues !"
Zahc  "    "
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