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  "For my beautiful cousin Ashley who left this earth too soon from brain cancer be..." (nytonc)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Hypothyroidism, together.
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deez "I am now on day 55 of treatment with 29 days left to go.I can not believe that on the 17th of April, I will be done with this treatment.I am so excited about that.It sure has been a struggle the past ..."
deez "Well its been about a week since I have written a treatment note. It means so much to me that people have been supportive, cheering me on, giving advice, asking questions and just being there to liste..."
deez "Thanks to those of you that have cared enough and took the time to click the like button on the main  page. very optimistic about my treatment success and I..."
claphappy  "on my profile page, take a look"
claphappy  "God has sent us a big blessing with my son been given a large scholarship at a University out of state. This morning I look at it in a different light. Because of his Depression/anxiety I was not fond..."
claphappy  "I don't know if I would call it surgery. I'm having a endoscopy and colonoscopy Friday morning. 10 am. I'm looking forward to a day of  fasting. Prayers for this please, especially th..."
deez "Day 42, I just cant believe I am half way through treatment.  This excites me.Ive been feeling tired the past few days, Pains in my body, but my mind is in good spirits.what gets me through each ..."
claphappy  "a college scholarship for an Art school. The amount will pay 1/2 his school costs for 4 years.   "
deez "The last few days were pretty good. I did some food shopping, saw a movie and rested as much as could stand laying down.I still can’t seem to shake this tired feeling I have mid day and than aga..."
deez "Went out today, did fine. Felt rested and energetic.I think that the fact that my labs came back HEP C undetectable, has lifted my spirits.. Gave me more concrete hope.The worst part of the medication..."
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