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How to create your own self hypnosis script Print E-mail
Written by mooreinspire   
26 February 2007

hypnosis woman hypnotistIn my self hypnosis training and hypnotist certification programs, I teach students how to create their own self hypnosis sessions.  To hypnotize your self or anyone else, for that matter, your hypnosis session should have:   a beginning, known as the induction; a middle or deepener, and a set of suggestions, whatever you are working on.  You might also include post-hypnotic suggestion, those suggestions that continue to influence the subject even after the session is over.

The first script I ever wrote is called “StressBusters.”  It is still my favorite and most versatile.  With a few slight changes in verbage, you can use it to: stop smoking, lose weight, mentally detoxify your system, find creative solutions to problems, improve any aspect of your health, even to let go of limiting beliefs in any area of your life, including “poverty consciousness.”

I include it below.  Please feel free to change the wording to suit your style, record it (personal recordings only, please) and create your own self hypnosis daily practice.  I’ve heard remarkable stories from friends and clients who have used it for a week to a month to make positive changes in their lives.  One friend told me it was the only thing that got her through an experience with bankrupcty and double pneumonia all at the same time.  Another weight loss client gave her copy to a friend who was going through a major illness and severe stress at work.  The friend reported amazing results, including reduced stress, improved sleep and a more positive outlook, all in a matter of days.

One note:  when you are recording, be sure to use a soothing tone of voice.  You might also want to incorporate peaceful music or the sounds of nature, wind or surf on the recording.

Stress Busters Self-Hypnosis Script              Kathy L. Moore, MBA, CH

copyright 12/23/99

Get into a comfortable position...either reclining or lying down...and turn your focus your breathing.  Breathe in deeply....hold it 3 or 4 seconds ... and then exhale slowly.  Let your breath be deep and slow.

Relax...and continue to relax... deeper and deeper... as you breathe in more...fresh, pure oxygen.  Pure, clear oxygen is the KEY to vibrant vitality...  Breathe in very fully... and notice yourself relaxing... more and more ...with each breath.

Now... I want you to add counting to your breathing like this.  Breathe in ...3...4...5...6.  Hold...2...3...Breathe out...3...4...5....6....  Breathe in...3...4...5...6... Hold 2...3...Breathe out...3...4...5...6.... Breathe in ...3...4...5...6....  Hold...2...3... Breathe out...3...4...5....6....  Breathe in...3...4...5...6... Hold 2...3...Breathe out... 3...4...5...6....  Continue this breathing rhythm with the 6-3-6 count for at least ten times while I continue to talk to you.

As you continue to breathe deeply, you send life-giving oxygen to all the cells,.. muscles, ..bones, ..organs ...and systems of your body.  Breathing deeply helps you relax better...Relaxing more fully helps you to focus and concentrate better.  Better focus improves your memory.  In fact, breathing deeply helps restore all the systems in your body... to their perfect condition.  Oxygen is the fuel that helps your entire body run better.  So drink in this life-sustaining relax... deeper and deeper. you continue to focus on your breathing...I want you to notice a color of your choice...a vibrant healing color ...coming in through the top of your head as you inhale.  See this healing color come in through the top of your head ...and gradually fill every cell in your body...Notice as this healing color filters down from the top of your head... through your face and neck...down into your shoulders and arms..relaxing, soothing...through your chest and pelvic region...soothing and healing all your internal organs...down through your hips, thighs and knees... relaxing any tightness or inflexibility...relaxing deeper....down into your calves...and finally into your ankles, feet... and out through your toes....taking all toxins and other negative energies that were in your body...out...This healing color is now absorbed into Mother Earth ....where it can be changed into positive energy again... and recycled once more.

And, as you are enjoying all the sensations of this Healing Wash...Notice that you are now standing at the top of some steps...maybe wooden steps, maybe stone...any steps that you imagine are fine.  Just see yourself standing at the top of ten steps...leading down to the ocean.

It is a brilliant summer day... as you stand at the top of these steps.  Notice the beautiful, blue sky above you... and the birds singing cheerfully...Notice how wonderful the day is...Notice how you are feeling...As you begin to descend these steps, going down from 10 down to 1, you will gradually go deeper and deeper into meditation .... And when you get down to the bottom, you will be perfectly relaxed, and centered at a very deep level of consciousness, a level where you KNOW you can solve any and all problems effortlessly...

So begin now to descend these steps...

10        ....going down now, easily

9            ....perfectly peaceful and calm

8            ....totally tranquil

7            ....deeper and deeper

6          ....even deeper still

5          ....very relaxed now

4            ....relaxing even more

3          ....very serene now

2            ....almost there

1            ....totally relaxed and centered. you step off gently...into the warm, summer feel more at peace and relaxed than ever before in your entire life...Notice yourself walking towards the beach...Notice the feel of the sand under your feet...the ocean breeze in your hair, and the sun on your shoulders.  Notice all the sensations around you.  Very relaxed and at ease.

Now...notice a bag in front of you, directly in your path...It might be a paper grocery sack, or maybe a plastic garbage bag or even a burlap sack.  Any kind of sack you imagine is just fine.  Just walk over and pick it up.

As you pick up the become aware that there are things you wish to discard from your life.  They might be arguments you had with a loved one earlier today, or they might be negative feelings you’ve carried around about yourself for a long time.  You might wish to discard old beliefs that no longer serve you or negative imprints that keep you from being truly happy.  Perhaps you need to let go of responsibilities that are not really yours and are holding you back.  Any negative or harmful thoughts, impressions, beliefs, feelings, or experiences can now be discarded into the sack easily, released effortlessly.

See yourself removing them now...and as you do...notice that you are feeling better. Perhaps you feel lighter, as if a burden has been lifted from your shoulders.  Or, perhaps it’s just easier to smile now.  Whatever improvement you feel is fine.  Just allow yourself to soak up this wonderful new feeling, along with the summer sun.  Breathe in deeply and absorb this “new and improved”  feeling throughout your body...And know that this new feeling will grow stronger every time you visit this healing place in your mind.

And once you have your sack completely full... of all the negatives you wish to discard...pick it up ...and toss it as far out into the far as you can throw it sinks...realize that those negatives you discarded will never affect you again...You have now released them permanently...You are now free to reshape your life anyway that you want...  See yourself exactly as you want to be...perfect in every way...happy, healthy, vibrantly alive, loved, loving and successful...truly fulfilled and living in peace and tranquility with all those around you.

As the last of your released negatives sink to the bottom of the ocean, continue your pleasant walk along the beach...As you are enjoying this beautiful day on the  beach, you notice someone coming towards you....notice everything about this person...             (read very slowly)

notice how they are dressed, ..their hair color, ...the way they stand, ...

and as they get closer ... notice the details of their face...their eyes, ...anything striking about them...have you met them before?

This person has a message or a gift for you...It could be words....It might be something symbolic....something to help you solve the problems you are here to increase your self trust and self deepen your self knowledge...Go to this person now... and ask them for the gift.


Study the gift carefully...knowing that if you do not understand it’s purpose or meaning will after you awaken...maybe today....or tomorrow ...or maybe next week...but soon you will understand it’s meaning for help you in solving the problem you came here to solve...

now that you have this there anything else you need to know from this person, your helper?  If you do, then ask now...


When you are finished gaining all the information you need, thank the person and send them on their way, and in your mind, express your gratitude to the Universe for sending this helper to you.

Now...  Notice your entire body at once.  If there appears to be any stiffness in your body, notice that, too.

Send your consciousness all the way to the bottoms of your feet.  Notice if there is any pain or discomfort anywhere in your feet.

Continue moving your focus up your body in this manner... until you have thoroughly scanned your entire body...from the bottom of your feet... to the top of your head.

Pay particular attention to any pain or stiffness anywhere in your body.  Just continue calmly and peacefully scanning your entire body.   Whenever you find a tight or tense spot, breathe through it, until it loosens up and relaxes.

Continue this scanning process for as long as necessary.


Long ........Pause

After we conclude this hypnosis session, ... you will be able to recall easily and completely ...all the information you gathered from this scanning process... to help you continue the process of releasing negatives from your life for further healing of  your self: body, mind and spirit.  In the next few hours, days or weeks, any restrictions, tightness or inflexibility that was uncovered by the body scan and is not beneficial for you will be easily released...  And that part of your body will be restored gently and safely to its perfect condition, every time you breathe deeply.

You now understand clearly that negative emotions or feelings sometimes become stuck in the body where they can manifest as illness, phobias, or even disease.  By coming to this healing place, often as you like... you can cleanse your body, mind and spirit, ...even your entire energetic field... of these toxins.

All you have to do... is relax and breathe deeply... fill your body with healing color... fill your “garbage bag” with the negatives you want to discard... and reshape your life the way you want it to be.

Likewise, if you have problems you wish to solve... find your special helper on the beach... and ask for a gift to help you with your problem.   You really ARE in charge of your own life, through the power of your imagination!

We are about to conclude this session in just a moment.  In just a moment I am going to count you up from one to five...when I get to five, you will be wide awake...  feeling wonderful...totally alive...Every time you use self-hypnosis, you will go more deeply, more quickly...and you will gain more insights from each session... The more you use hypnosis ...the more relaxed and peaceful you become.  You also become more vibrantly alive with each and every session, better focused and to handle the everyday stresses of life effortlessly.

One...               come back slowly and peacefully

Two...              very serene

Three...            all the suggestions I’ve given you are already working

Four...              almost back now

Five...               wide awake, feeling fantastic!
 Record this script for yourself and use it thirty days.  I guarantee you will notice improvements in your stress level.  If you have additional questions, feel free to email me at or ask your question in the hypnosis forum of this site. 
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