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  "I am an Endometrial Cancer survivor - 5 + years. " (mel811)
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LeahMariex3  "Past few days... probably weeks... that I have been extremely down. I am sure I have hit my "depressive" phase, where no matter what I do or try to do, I can't get out of it. I don&..."
LeahMariex3  "In this world, I am trifled, deemed worthless & invaluable; and I always fear being alone. The only Being that appreciates me is God (if He even exists.) Humanity has no compassion or acceptance. ..."
LeahMariex3  "Dear MDJ,Yesterday afternoon I went to a free consultation with a Psychiatrist to see if I would be eligible for a research study for those with Bipolar I Disorder. After almost 2 hours of questions a..."
DARKDAZE "i just got home from the hospital with sepsis. i was weak before but really weak now. it exhausts me to walk to the kitchen. has anone got any advice how to build up my strength? ihave myasthenia grav..."
DARKDAZE "hi ihave been in the hospital with sepsix my sputum grew mrsa just got home today, i was treated with vancomycin and high coses of steroids, i was there 3 days. i felt good withall the steroids omg no..."
sallison221987  "For those on medicaid there is a site online thats called active style and they accept most insurances for incontinence products."
LeahMariex3  "Just yesterday I found a cool website called Critter.Co.It's pretty much a site where you log your moods & they send you a text message or e-mail to check-up on you automatically. They also ha..."
DARKDAZE "i jut feel so worn out from everything in life. not only physically but mentally as well. i know i need to ge see drs to be checked and see if there is something that can be done for me.. mentally i a..."
MsHolmes45  "  Well, I made it 9 months, following 85% of 3 different diets, a couple dozen pills, measuring, weighing and noting everything from glucose to moods.  Don't know what caused this set ba..."
DARKDAZE "i have just been busy trying to stay alive in and out of the hospital,cant find a dr who knows what todoor how to treat me.wantrd to try plasmapheresi but cant find a dr who is willing. i was in the h..."
Linda56  "Clarita always has such uplifting words for everyone. I hope that if needed, I can share some of that with her. Life with me is still the same. Nothing changes... still have the pain of my Fibro plus ..."
roy  "Happy spring everyone!It seems I have totally neglected writing in my diary lately, I do hope to write more now - let it be my spring resolution ;-)As opposed to my diary... a lot of work was put into..."
Linda56  "Next Wednesday I have to go for a colonoscopy. Not something that I want to do, but something advised by my doctor to check for a blockage and/or cancer.  Hopefully it won't be too bad... I a..."
Linda56  "Lost my case in front of the judge... Now my attorney has sent in for an appeal. Certainly hope that I win the appeal. Cannot work, have not worked in over two years. Pain is constant! Pain is all ove..."
reezeegee  "going throug so much now! middle of november last year.. i had to go to a/e at the hospital at night.  doct"
MsHolmes45  "  Last year, I spent a week in the hospital, not for anything I've been previously treated for....nope, something new.  Not sure which came first, but the list seemed long !  My ear..."
frustrated46  "Took daughter to school, when back to sleep due to not sleeping well last night.  Woke up at 3:oo pm. Feel alot better.  Waiting for new meds prescribed yesterday get approved to be fil..."
frustrated46  "The dread...debating whether to take don't have the energy...I wear the same thing each time almost...because I have very few clothes that fit to my depression/weight gain/"
MsHolmes45  "  I never expected to reach age 60.  Right up until 12:01 AM, beginning my first day as a 60 yr. old female.  Now what?   I spend a lot of time in books, studying, trying"
Linda56  "I am suffering with another mouth infection from taking my COPD/Asthma medication, Symbicort.  The Symbicort really helps my conditions but the side effect of mouth infections is really unpleasan..."
Linda56  "I went to the doctor last week and had more bloodwork done. Was called by the doctor's nurse yesterday and informed that my vitamin D was very low and that an RX was sent to my pharmacy, also my c..."
cristih  "Wow! What a surprise I received this morning! My Primary Care Dr. offered to act as my pain management"
cristih  "I am so stressed, and I honestly cannot remember ever feeling this out of control! Between not having any pain management and all the crap that life throws at you, I am at my wits end! My hands have"
nm121611  "It started June 9, 2011, when I thought I had caught the cold my dad and brother shared. After 5 days I was not feeling any better, so we went to the Dr. they diagnosed me with pneumonia. We went"
reezeegee  ""
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