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  "My Father is a Vietnam Vet." (RkyMtnBlonde)

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2steveb"In life we all have trials and tribulations to endure weather it be physical, mental or social. For me personally when i encountered MDJunction i was astounded. Since i joined MDJunction to me it has been a god send and a life saver. I have met and been able to converse freely with so many people in the same situation as myself, (that alone is a big help, to know your not alone) to be able to discuss and get good advice from a braud section of people. One of lifes hardest things is to discuss personal issues with friends/family and yet the mdj family is non judgmental and you will be made totally welcome to talk through any issue thats on your mind. There are forums for every known issue to mankind, to me has become my family extension, id be lost without these good people and the extremely good guide lines that group leaders help us all with to keep threads topical and friendly." (2steveb)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Hidradenitis Suppurativa, together.
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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Current Discussion (Page 4)
"Happy belated Sunday. Grats on the remission! Mine lately ended with a few new aliens, but none of them..."
"found a new boil where i had all glands removed is that possible?"
"I done know why they didn't show up"
"Thanks guys!!!!"
"Wouldn't that be a hoot, to have us all on a sandy beach wearing bathing suits or shorts, sleeveless tank..."
"Your such an awesome mom Carrie. Never give up hope. :) Hugs, Gwenda"
"Tammy007, I hope you are feeling better. I know how hard it is to concentrate and keep going when you..."
"I couldnt get online to see if steve sent me a cell number was so bummed"
"Glad you had a great vacation so sorry you burnt your hand.... hugs hope it heals fast for you..."
"Sorry we didnt get to meet up maybe next year when you come back. Clarence was looking forward to..."
"Nope I don't see the pics, but I do see where you tried to post them. Must be a site issue?"
"I agree with Sadie. I've cut out most sugar & it sucks but it helps. I'm still drinking coffee, but..."
"Ahahaha! Love you ladies! I love reading all of your posts. I feel like I have a whole new set of moms..."
"I take Levothyroxine (even though I can't spell it) also! They discovered my hypothyroidism when I was..."
"Michelle, I know Tai Chi is not easy. I've been looking into the simpler, beginner videos that are..."
"Moan away!!! We all here know at one time or another how your are feeling. :woohoo: Moving is..."
"Hannah, I actually found out about Castor oil from this group. You get it at the health food store. A..."
"I am so glad that you have an understanding boss, but I know how hard it is to know you have to work when..."
"Would be nice to meet ya when your here. If you want my cell phone let me know. I am only 20 minutes..."
"Sloth, a sweetheart like you deserves a really nice girl. I feel the same way about talking to men. I've..."
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