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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Hemochromatosis, together.
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Latest Hemochromatosis Diaries
goldsguy51  "I made it through day number 1 yesterday. Like I said I was quite surprised by the outcome. I had expected things to go much worse, but maybe because I was so steely determined to meet this challenge ..."
goldsguy51  "Well so far this has gone far better than I figured. My sister thinks its because of my attitude towards what I was facing. She also said the meds are still in my systems, and may yet have some sympto..."
goldsguy51  "Its coming up on 10:00am. Went and did an errand early this morning, and felt low energy at this point several hours into the day, so laid down and rested with my cat, for about an hour and a half got..."
goldsguy51  "Well its Easter Sunday and day of transformation. So far I am doing ok. I got up after getting some sleep last night and did my usual routine of going down in the basement and riding my exercise bike ..."
goldsguy51  "Well I am 24 hours out now, or less from getting off my narcotic pain meds. This morning, while groggy and half awake, I accidentally took my total days dosage of my morphine sulphate. Those pills whi..."
goldsguy51  "This morning I decided to flush the few pain meds leftovers I had remaining from my supply down the toilet. I know you aren't supposed to do this, but its the only way to ensure I am done with the..."
goldsguy51  "well it seems every now and then, one's horoscope can be deadly accurate, sometimes wildly off, or so I have found, but I had to cut todays out from my newspaper it said " you are full of ene..."
goldsguy51  "well, in 1 week I will be going off these pain meds. I have a 6 day supply remaining and thats it. The treatment hospital needs to see me at my "worst" when I arrive on Monday April 21st, so..."
goldsguy51  "Today I phoned in my LAST refill for my pain meds. I only need a 9 day supply, because I will be going off them on Sunday, the day before I go into treatment the following Monday, April 21st.. I will ..."
goldsguy51  "Well, its official. I will be going into treatment on Monday April 21st. I am really excited by this. I have been counting down the days, and now I can see light. In other news yesterday I got an e-ma..."
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