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Latest Gastroparesis Diaries
RonoftheDead  "Hello, This condition/disease has left my life in shambles! I'm scared to eat & scared to sleep...This is not living it's just exsisting!!! GOD Please help us!"
strgzr11  "I am so uncomfortable today with the bloating and pain. I was feeling so good becasue I had 4 days without bloating or throwing up and now I am just bummed out again. This problem gets very exausting!"
strgzr11  "I just got out of hospital again for 8 days....iv fluids and last day had liquid diet. I had been throwing up whatever I had for the day at day's end and it went on for 3 months. I lost 15 pounds...."
becvt86  ""
becvt86  ""
Dawnne "Damn.  What to do when what has been working, stops working.  Joe's gastroparesis is back full force.  Three days in a row where the days worth of food comes back up at night. ..."
agentm18713  "Feel like shit can barley move only oatmeal today. "
Linda458  "Maybe I couldn't stop myself from eating constantly but my gastroparesis sure can.  Right now my stomach hurts so bad it feels like it is going to explode.  There is so much pressure.&nb..."
LisaHull  "I got a referral to a specialist at Dartmouth however I won't be able to see him till October.  I've learned that he's the only Doctor in New England that specializes in gastroparesis"
Linda458  "I just can't stop myself from eating.  Summer is coming and I'm gonna be too fat to wear any of my summer clothes.  I hate myself for doing this but it's like it's out of my "
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