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04/23/2010 07:14 PM

Giving Birth at 15


Both my parents were supportive when i got pregnant at 13 and so were my boyfriends parents. I just felt like no one had any idea what i was going through being pregnant at a young age. Now that my son was born 17 months ago hes his mommys lil boy and his daddys pride and joy. Jake is the best thing that has ever happened to meWink He was born on Novemeber 27th 2008

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04/23/2010 09:34 PM
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Thats nice I gave birth at 16 and have a 3 week old. I live with my fiance and dont have family support so we basically support him all on our own and its not hard its common sense. I dont have mommy taking care of my boy its not her responsibility so I do everything I can to make him smile =] which he does already


04/29/2010 07:32 PM
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I got pregnant at 14 by an 18yr old but i gave birth 10 days after i turned 15. my parents are wonderful even though they have never liked my sons daddy. Luke and i live with my parents and my 6 siblings. they are soooo supportive and helpful and loving. idk where i would be without them Smile

04/30/2010 08:03 AM
xxHisUggyxxPosts: 1273
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I got pregnant at 17 and had my baby girl at 18 She is 6 weeks old and I live with my mom who is soooo supportive. I try not to ask her for any help raising or taking care of Emily but she DOES pay my bills and Emilys bills. And is always there if i need her. I am still with my babydaddy who isn't as helpful as I would like which is disappointing but oh well I don't need him I am doing a WONDERFUL job with my babygirl on my own Smile

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