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02/06/2012 06:00 AM


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This memory is in my head

And I can't let it out.

I want to tell everyone

I just want to shout.

Go away these feelings of

Being bad.

Go away these feelings of

Being sad.

I know I'm not bad.

But it seems to me

That I need to tell someone

To set me free.

I don't know whom to tell

Or who to blame

I just want the world to know

That I feel such shame.

Can this please be over?

I cant live on

I feel numb and vulnerable

A pile of bricks becomes a ton.

I don't know what to do

To make these memories go away

I need to say these memories

To be finally free.

I hope for this life

I will finally be strong

And to be able the let the memories free

To feel like I belong.

To belong to the world

That has secrets too

I'm sure mine are unique.

And causing others to be blue.

I am not bad

Or sad anymore.

I have said my piece

My life is ready to soar.


02/07/2012 07:24 AM
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Hi PiratePrincess...Yes, I often feel this way too.

Just so you know you are not alone.


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