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08/02/2009 09:42 PM

Natural or Homeopathic Remedies?

GeorgiaInOhioPosts: 6
New Member

Ok, here goes, Im posting it. I want to know of any Natural Remedies for any of these horrible side effects of the meds, the pain of the muscles, the vasculitus, the cramps at night, fatigue, breathing, sinus's- ANYTHING.

Ive been doing some research and have found a few things Im just starting to try. Boosting my Calcium with Highly Ionized Coral Reef Calcium to balance my PH levels. I take Garlic supplements (I just always have) for general well being. I just started taking Flax Oil to boost my Omega 3's and help absorb the Calcium and Vitamin D better and just to boost my immune system in General. I think all Auto Immune Disorders can be reversed with the right regimen. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

I know we have all been told that Prednisone and all these other meds are the only solution, but has anyone tried ANYTHING else? There has to be an answer. We have to find it.

Anyone have any suggestions for nerve damage or nerve pain? Thats my next step. I make my own lotions and massage oils with all Organic and Natural ingredients and believe it or not, have a lotion that really gives my nerve pain in my feet some instant relief. Its amazing. A good friend of mine mixed her special blend of essential oils (which I call her nerve tonic) and I made a massage oil I use once a day and it has helped with the pins and needles. These of course arent cure all's but they do help. Does anyone have any other home remedies or found any research on things to at least EASE some of the side effects we are all going thru?

Im just curious. The more I research, the more I will share. Im on a mission I tell ya. I refuse to spend years on these medications to only find out WG has come back again. I just cant take it. There has to be a better way! I cant spend the rest of my life feeling like Quazimoto. I just cant.

So Im open for suggestions and comments. Please be nice!


08/03/2009 08:21 AM
Posts: 40


Thanks for your post, it's difficult to jump in. Please stay motived about researching any Homeopathic remedies. We all need as much information as possible.

Here is my understanding (it maybe little), since you seem to be early on in your treatment for WG I am assuming along with the nasty Prednisone you must also be taking Cytoxan. If this is the case your treatment is still in the stage of slowing down your immune system from being in the "hyperdrive" state. So you don't want to take any vitamins (Omega 3) that will built up your immune system when the drugs that you taking are trying to slow your immune system down. That would be counter productive.

It took me a while to figure out what was needing to happen to my body in order to get to the remission stage. Thankfully after only 4 months my lungs have cleared and my doctor says I'm already in remission (very early, he was shocked). Not to say it's now's not. The drugs have an effect and I can't tell what is drug related and is WG related at this point. You have to remain patient (I get sooo sick of hearing that word) and let the drugs do their job.

A really good book was recommended to me called, "Coping with Prednisone" by Eugenia Zukerman and Julie Ingelfinger. It's a must read for the miracle/devil drug. I'm slowly coming off of it and finding it emotionally difficult so this book has helped myself and my husband to better understand.

Hang in there and God Bless you (and I really mean it!).


08/09/2009 09:30 AM
GeorgiaInOhioPosts: 6
New Member

Hi Meg,

I havent been put on Cytoxan yet. Im guessing this is what will be suggested when I see the specialist, if my insurance will ever allow it. My doctors are trying to get me in, but have told me the prednisone and of course the bactrim and everything are all i need for now. I dont know. The nerve damage is driving me crazy. My doctor told me to eat alot of salmon because omega 3's were good, so when I dont, I do take a flax oil, and your saying its bad, so i dont know what to do! im so confused by this. before all this happened i ate very healthy, lots of fish, veggies, all organic, and now everyone tells me it will have an adverse effect so i dont know what to do. the lifestyle change is so drastic it gets me down, i just dont know.

Im going to look for the book you suggested on ebay. I found another good one about auto immune disorders for a buck so maybe ill get lucky with yours! anything at this point to help me understand what im going thru will be great.

Thanks again!


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