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04/10/2012 12:02 PM

Surgery for VIN 3, now what

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About a month ago I went to my gynocologist because I found a white spot close to my urethra. Biopsy came back as VIN 3 and it was tri-focal in that one little area (3 small spots next to each other). My gyno then performed the 'vinegar test' and it turned out that I had 4 more spots in other locations on my vulva. I just had surgery yesterday & am waiting to hear from the Dr. with the pathologist results (obviously praying for a clear margin on every lesion he cut). It's very nerve-wrecking waiting to hear & just having had surgery yesterday it's uncomfortable to even sit or urinate.

This whole diagnosis & surgery came so fast & I am shocked to find how little information there is, especially in the US when I search on-line.

I am hoping to find some comfort/knowledge here because I know some group members have experience with this topic.

Here are my biggest confusions/concerns:

- I know that even though I just had surgery another VIN spot can appear in 2 weeks, 2 months, etc. When the heck do they stop & what can I do to MOST improve my chances of stopping it? I hear about experimental treatments of using gardisil or imiquimod to try and elicit an immune response but they aren't guaranteed.

I started taking a good amount of supplements, greens powder, vitamins,flaxseed oil, and cell power drops in drinking water to try and keep my immune system high. What else in the world can I do? I obviously want to do anything in my power to never have this surgery again & hopefully never get cancer.

Thank you for any advice/information. It's so scary! Sad


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