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07/13/2009 08:20 AM

Von Willebrand's and kidney donation

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I have a mild case of Von Willebrand's and my partner is in need of a kidney - kidneys are failing. His family members did not suceed in the screening process for donor and ironically I have the same blood type of 0+. Does anyone have a comment as to the risks I might be facing and is my decision a realistic one?


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07/13/2009 08:42 AM
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Welcome to the group Everlasting! With any surgery there is a risk of complications. Have you had any surgeries where you have hemorraged? If not, you are in good shape. I would definitely suggest talking to a very experienced hematologist about having infusions of Humate P before and for about a week afterwards. Humate P is the cleanest way to get factor 8. You should have an infustion before the surgery, infustions after the surgery every 8 hours for the first 24 hours, and then one a day for the next week. This will not only stop you from having bleeding problems during the procedure, but it will also aid your body in healing afterwards. I hope this helps and I hope all goes well for your partner. Smile

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