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10/11/2008 05:35 PM

info on this subject

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i am memeber of bp2 disorder and fibro support groups and noticed this group. my daughter who is 26 has this disorder. recently diagnosed. need info on this illness. is it hereditary. my grandfather had leukmia and i have a nephew who has some sort of platelet disorder, not vwd, but something else w/ a rediculously long name. need info on vwd, doc did not give a specific type, just vwd.

06/11/2009 06:36 PM
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I have type 1 and basically it is a deficiency of factor 8 in the blood stream. Basically I don't have the sticky stuff that makes your platelets stick. I do pretty well when I'm healthy and following a good diet. Any stress on my body makes it a whole lot worse and then I need transfusions of a blood product called Humate P.

05/21/2011 08:48 PM
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HI, I am 45 and have suffered from Von Willebrand's Disease my whole life, until 2 years ago. I found a Chinese supplement called Fo-Ti (Hu-Shou-Wu) and started taking the supplement as I was losing my hair. I knew very little about Fo-Ti in the beginning when I was taking it, but I was so desperate for a remedy (acute stress or so I thought) that I would try anything. After a few days of taking Fo-Ti, I felt so good, I could see better, focus and think more clearly. After about 3 months of taking the supplement, my hair started to grow more rapidly. About a year later my hair would grow a half an inch in a month. It was remarkable. But the most important cure I got from Fo-Ti was it cured my Von Willebrand's. I had visited hematologists my whole life, was given DDAVP for child birth, heavy bruiser and bleeder. I wanted to get a vein treatment on my leg so I checked in with the Hematologist. He took the tests, and in a week asked me back. He couldn't believe the results. I had told him about the Fo-Ti, and he said he just couldn't explain it, but that my blood was completely normal. It was astounding and I could hardly believe it myself. The other 'side effect' of Fo-Ti, as it is a blood builder, it increases the good cholesterol in your blood. My good cholesterol is about 108 which is almost 3 times the normal rate. That is good for me because high bad cholesterol runs in my family and I don't want to take medicine for it. The list goes on and on what Fo-Ti has done for my health. I am not sure what implications it might have on children. You might want to start on a small dose such as a half a capsule or one capsule (I take 3 caplets of the brand called "Solaray" Fo-Ti each day) and see how they do. Watch skin color for any yellowing (seldom happens). PLEASE NOTE Anyone who has reproductive cancer should not take Fo-Ti as it does contain estrogen. Other than that, I have not heard of any negative implications to this Supplement. If you Google Fo-Ti you will find other benefits. I wish you the best, please let me know how it works out. Deb062019

07/30/2011 08:34 PM
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VWD in short: think of your blood with parts like bowling pins, each pin comes together and the form a blot clot, the "glue" to put these pins together is VWD, so if you have VWD your clotting is either slowed or non existent. I have type one which is slower than normal, my Daughter has type 3 which can be life threatening & needs medicine to replace the VWD that is missing.

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