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06/02/2009 09:03 AM

I cured vitiligo

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Hi everybody, my name is Zaklina, and I have Vitiligo. Well I can say that it's almost gone now, and I will tell you how did I manage to cure it. No drugs, no creams, no gels… only a diet. I am on this diet for 3 months now, and believe it or not, the white patches are hardly noticeable. I went to many doctors and they couldn't do anything, so I went to a man who works with herbs and alternative medicine, and he helped me. I will tell u the diet… try it, there is nothing to lose.

Forbidden food: salt, sugar, white wheat, white bread, pasta, cooking oil, olives, oranges, milk and milk products, meat, vinegar, hot spicy food, water from tap, fizzy drinks.

Allowed food: olive oil, lemon vinegar, sea salt, whole wheat bread, nuts, goat cheese, sea food, mineral water (still or sparkling), fruits, vegetables, honey, rice, mushrooms, onion, garlic, and everything else which is not mentioned in the forbidden food

Food that should be consumed more than regularly: carrots, courgettes, pumpkin, unbaked nuts.

These are the ingredients (herbs) of both kinds of tea:

first one: b.alba, ch.majus, th. majus, th. chamaedrus, h. perforatum, a. eupatorija ( in one litter boiled water add one tea spoon of the tea, cover the teapot and leave it for 2 hours, then drain (extract) the herbs, and drink it during the day).

second one: bh. glabra, m. piperita, b. pendula, s.montana, u. dioica, r. frukuosus, h. perforatum (in one litter boiled water add one big spoon of the tea, cover the teapot and leave it for 2 hours, then drain (extract) the herbs, and drink it during the day).

Take one pill beta carotene each day. And noooo stress Wink

I would also recommend girls to go to gynaecologist, because it can be related to some inflamation or infection of, u know where Smile

Hope this will help

Greetings, Zaklina


08/27/2009 07:28 PM
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Hi, I inquired about the herbs you listed and was told the following were not found:

th. majus

th. chamaedrus

r. frukuosus

b. pendula

s. montana

Can you please check the spelling of these herbs or give the common names? It would be helpful to have the common names of ALL the herbs listed for those interested in concocting the teas.

Also, are the quantities of each equal?

Thank you!

06/25/2013 02:02 AM
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Thanks for the suggestion for tea with herbs. I am staying in Kolkata, West Bengal,India. Can u Pls tell me the name of the herbs in bengal terms ? This will help me to tell the bengali shopkeeper in Kolkata for the herbs. It will be a real help if I can get the bengali terms

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