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08/25/2009 04:08 PM

just got fired for having vertigo!

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i cant believe it! after 6 long months of being unemployed i found a job i really enjoyed - had a base case of vertigo and they fired me!

im already stress and aggrevated b/c no one can give me any answers pertaining to vertigo - its totally ruining my life and now i lost my job!

how do you cope with this? can you work with vertigo? are we classified as being disabled or handicapped?

im sorry i just need to vent and get some answers


08/26/2009 03:58 PM
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I wish I had an answer for you but I'm querying exactly the same thing! I'm not sure if we're classified as disabled/handicapped but I don't think you're allowed to be fired for having vertigo.

If you have a union at work, maybe try and get them to appeal the decision and take some sort of action against your employer.

I hope things work out, sorry to hear that you've lost your job.

09/05/2009 08:30 AM
spinnygirlPosts: 94

Chronic vertigo can qualify for disability..I may have to look into short term if my episodes don't quit..if you were in the first 3 months they can let you go for any reason..I have worked the same job for 4 years but over the summer have found it hard to work even all of my 3-4 days a week Sad stress WILL make vertigo breathing exercises etc..good luck ttyl

07/18/2010 01:02 PM
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I had vertigo on and off for a long time i been seeing a doctor in San Deigo Dr.Purcell and i go into a chair and get spin around its been helping me look him up he is in Oceanside and San Deigo two place he is good! i had to do a MRI found i had migrane headaches that causes vertigo allso a space and i have been getting relief from it which nothing else works people don't understand vertigo unless they go through it. hope it helpsSmile julie have anyquestion leave me a message goodluck

07/19/2010 08:38 AM
rwhitley123Posts: 205

Hi Christine,

I got laid off in Sept 2008, not for vertigo but the economy. That's about when the episode that caused me to suffer vertigo happened. It wasn't long before I relized that I wouldn't be able to perform my regular work because of it. At about a year I filed for SSDI and it took about 8 month to be awarded it. I did have to document my case and it was only after much testing and finally physical therapy that failed to work that they, social security, saw fit to retire me. It barely pays the bills and if I didn't have a wonderful wife who still works, I'd be in much worse shape. Hang in there and see if social security diability may help. It's one avenue. By the way, you can still work some, up to $720 a month and still recieve full benifits.

Ray Ray

03/26/2012 01:00 AM
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I don't know if they can consider us as disabled or anything but one this is for sure , we are suffering from it.. Sad Though im having a vertigo almost all of my life, I still continue working. I just teaching myself how to act like a normal person. It does helps. Whenever I am feeling dizzy, all i have to do is just sit and relax myself. My vertigo is some kind of a that it doesn't goes away. I don't know if I am just being a psycho but this is all i feel everyday. Tbh, im sick of it!

03/26/2012 06:43 AM
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If your vertigo is extreme enough that you cannot function well enough to work a job on a regular schedule then with the help of your doctor you can get on disability. It is a hard road getting on disability, especially for a condition as misunderstood as Vertigo but it is possible and worth the fight if you need it

03/27/2012 05:16 PM
kimleistPosts: 10
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Someone told me that if you have a spouse that is working, you can't apply for disability, don't know if that is actually true, but you can still look into it. I am a caregiver to the elderly and work part time. Sometimes when I have to take a client shopping, I feel dizzy, but I take a dramamine and it helps.

03/27/2012 05:41 PM
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You're spouse's ability to work or not has no bearing on your ability to work or not. It may affect how much you receive but they cannot deny your disability status based on your spouse's income.

03/27/2012 06:06 PM
TamieJPPosts: 2322
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I got a 'handicap parking' permit because walking across a parking lot is very hard for me. If all the treatments that I'm working on don't help me improve, I'll probably apply for SSD. My husband already draws it since he's been disabled for 12yrs due to a car accident.

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