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01/31/2009 10:07 PM

My son has vertigo, migraine pain, and joint pain

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Since December 1, 2008 he has been dealing with vertigo and continuous migraine. We've been to his primary care doctor, his neurologist, rheumatologists, consulted with ENT, and will soon be going to a GI doctor.

He's a senior in high school and he can't walk without support. For short distances (10-20 feet) he uses a cane. For longer distances he uses a wheelchair.

I see no end in sight. I am reaching a breaking point because I don't know what to do for him - no one seems to know.

He's been hospitalized. He's had multiple medicines, he has exercises that he does. Yet he still has horrible vertigo and so much pain from the migraine. In addition to that, he has started having joint pain.

And since he has elevated liver enzymes, he can't take tramadol right now to help with the pain.

He's been dealing with this for over two months now. And I feel guilty that I feel angry and frustrated when he can't help me do things like put away the dishes, or bring his dirty clothes upstairs. I know it's not his fault -- but I am doing all of this alone.

He has to go down the stairs on his butt. Driving anywhere makes the symtoms worse. None of the meds seem to help.

I think I just need a place to vent my frustration so I can better help him. But also, any suggestions are appreciated.

Wishing you all the best.


08/27/2009 02:13 PM
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has any of those dr's tested his blood for inflamation? i just had that done today - b/c my PCP thinks its hormonal - even tho the symptons can hit anywhere , it doesn't mean that its a sinus problem or migrane problem - theres an underlying cause.

when i get my episodes, my ears hurt (like i have an earake), i get a massive headache and sinus pressure beyond belief i also have slurred speech and i shake

i have tracked when i get my episodes as far as what i was eating at the time and what was going on - my common factors are salt, too much sugar and it happens to hit around my period

my dr is leaning towards hormonal imablance somewhere but it could also be neurological- there are diseases out there like diabetes and lupis that is caused by inflamation- and thats what my dr is checking

i have had 3 bouts of vertigo with in the past 4 mnths and now im currently unemployed b/c of it - we all understand

08/28/2009 07:45 AM
spinnygirlPosts: 94

I also get the symptoms more before my period i am going to ask for blood work at my checkup to check hormone levels.. I also get a headache usually before an episode...starting to feel sad i try to keep a good attitude but harder the longer it goes on..

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