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11/26/2011 09:47 AM

Had a robotic assisted myomectomy-very successful

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I have never posted here, but I would like to share my experience with my robotic assisted procedure. I'm 48 and had 2 fibroids removed, an 8.5 cm intra-cavitary (not pedunculated) and a 2.5cm anterior fibroid in Sept. My hemoglobin had dropped to 8.4 and I was feeling pretty tired all the time. I was having extremely heavy and prolonged periods and almost constant spotting all month long. Sex was no longer pleasurable either.

I had been recommended for a hysterectomy because of my age but did not want to have my uterus removed so I opted for the myomectomy. I was in surgery and recovery for about 4 or 5 hours, I was extremely nauseous in recovery and the medication they were giving me wasn't helping. They finally moved me anyways to the floor where they gave me something different for the nausea, I slept for about 1 hour and felt much better when I woke up. I went home just an hour or so later. I was told to be on limited activities for 2 weeks, but I was feeling really good at one week, I actually overdid my activities and bled more than I had been so I took it easy for the rest of the week. I had surgery on a Wed. and took my last pain pill that following Sunday morning, I didn't even need OTC meds after that. I bled everyday until my period started, about 3 weeks later and that seemed to clear me out, I have had normal 4 day periods since.

I am so thrilled to have had this done, my energy levels have returned to normal and I no longer suffer from the cramping and bleeding and of generally not feeling well. What I thought was aging was all the result of fibroid symptoms. I haven't felt this well in several years. I would highly recommend this procedure for anyone who is a candidate, it has changed my life. Also, because of my age, my surgeon said my fibroids would not likely return. Make sure you do your homework and find a surgeon with plenty of experience. I hope my story will help someone!


12/21/2011 07:52 PM
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So wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story!!

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