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07/02/2009 11:15 PM

Never had this problem until..


They 1st started having to use a Cather on me. Now I still get UTI's Quite often as well as Yeast Infection's. Many medication produce too much veast especiall one's with amoxicillin in them !

Loving Life & Living !!

Strength & Faith in Christ,



07/04/2009 07:19 AM
KwiteKontrariePosts: 1542
Group Leader

Hi K,

Welcome to the incontinence group! ...not that you really WANT to be here. Who does?!

Did cathing cause your incontinence? Or do you have to cath to empty your bladder? I wasn't sure exactly what you meant. I had a girlfriend who believed her incontinence was do to injury from being cathed. So I was just trying to clarify your post.

I'm sure UTIs are not helping your condition. I always find a wet so much more often when I'm fighting one.

I hope we can be of some support to you. Smile

Your sis in Christ,



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