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07/09/2010 03:12 PM

could it be lyme?

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but im 17 years old and it seems like things just aren't adding up. I went to my pain clinic in stanford to request getting tested but they didnt even listen. they said i needed to have a bullseye rash but i started feeling this way like 6 months ago.

If you had any ideas of what i could do or what this could be, that would be great.


07/10/2010 08:31 AM
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I sent you a pm..

Yes it could be Lyme, very likely...

No child, anyone for that matter, should have to suffer because the ignorance of doctors..

07/29/2010 08:11 PM
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Where to you live?

Some of the lyme myths are that

1. You need a rash or you will have a huge rash

2. Only occurs in the west coast

3. Medical tests will come out positive

4. Only lasts for a few weeks after treatment and some others...

These are NOT true.

You may have CFS or lyme? maybe another infection of some sort? but keep track of your symptoms even if they come and go so you can report them to a new doctor or a lyme doctor.

Hope you feel better, Im in the same boat.

Take Care



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