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06/23/2011 12:36 PM


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I have had TMJ since I was a child. Bad earaches as a young child and jaw locking/popping at 12 years old. I have had braces 4 times and surgery in 2005 at 40 years old.

As I age, I will have problems. Has anyone found any insurance that pays for TMJ? I have a dr. wanting to give me injections in my jaw for the pain, but insurance won't pay for it. I am thinking of sueing, to try to get new insurance laws to help this problem.

The Tempromandibular Joint is a joint, just like the Hip Joint or the Knee Joint. Why won't they pay for the treatment of TMJ?



06/23/2011 05:24 PM
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The problem is that TMJ is not a recognized condition by either the AMA or the ADA. It's complicated. You really have to look at the disaster to understand the whole thing.

I know this doesn't help you, but until the AMA assumes responsibility for the disorder... very few insurance companies will cover it. They don't have too... In their world there is no such thing!

Talk to your doctor about coding it for headaches or ear issues and push it through that way.

Ruthie has been posting about the disaster for a few year's now. Here is a link to the thread if you are interested_ support/120461-chronology-of-implant-disaster-why-is-fdas- diff

Good Luck! Please keep us posted.

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