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12/13/2008 11:28 PM

Does the Full Moon bring you pain?

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Something that was brought up in another community I belong to is that the Full Moon tends to make many of us basically just "howl" in pain! Wink Many of us get more of our symptoms during the time of the Full Moon than at any other time of the month. It's basically a 4-week cycle. With the Lyme Disease, that's not uncommon, especially during treatment, because the bacteria have a 4-week life cycle during which they are reproducing.

So I wondered if that held true for any of you here. Do you experience more symptoms during the time of the Full Moon? Scientifically speaking, we know that the moon does have a pull on the Earth. It certainly affects our tides, so it's not crazy to think that it could affect our bodies.

What say you?


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