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05/15/2009 07:17 PM

thyroid and weight gain

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I was just wandering if anyone feels like they have had weight trouble before or after thyroid cancer? I just had papillary carcinoma removed three weeks ago and they said I also had thyroiditis. I no longer have it because I no longer have a thyroid but my ENT kept telling me that my weight problems and fatigue were not due to my thyroid because all my levels were normal and my thyroid functions were normal. From what I read about thyroiditis it can cause you to be hypo or hyperthyroid, which in turn could lead to fatigue or weight gain right? I also had a friend tell me that after a thyroidectomy most people gain 50 to 100 pounds, is this true? Has anyone seen any fluctuations in their weight up or down? Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank you.Unsure

05/17/2009 08:12 AM
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deanna ~

I started gaining weight after my last child was born and never could get it off... After my thyroid problems were discovered and then treated, I finally started to loose weight.



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