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06/20/2011 04:59 PM

Diagnosis / Tests - Orlando / Central FL Doctor?

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I am in the Orlando area and after typing my symptoms into a search engine because my doctor dismisses my complaints, the results almost all came up with articles on TOS or PMMS, including this forum. I went last week to my family doctor who basically told me what I was describing "made no sense" and that it was psychological and should just take pain killers she would prescribe with codeine and rest, since it was likely due to stress.

I am in agony. Nothing helps so there seems no break from it. I get some relief I lie completely flat on my back. Pain meds sometimes take only a slight edge off but still feels unbearable and persistent, no real break. Even when I sleep straight on my back, now on my firm couch only, it wakes me up. I awaken in pain. Go to work in pain and try to last till the evening.

I doubt my doctor would refer me to a specialist after dismissing it as imagined. So I need to help myself and hopefully save time by going to a doctor familiar with TOS or PMMS so they can either confirm or if it is not TOS then possibly refer me in the right direction at least.

Does anyone know of anybody either in the Orlando area or at least Central Florida, that is familiar with this condition that may be able to help me?

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