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09/11/2009 04:45 PM

New Member, diagnosed in Oct 08

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Hi all, had to get around and join some sort of support group regarding this SJS. Don't let it fool you, the symptoms hang in there for a very long time. I nevered would have imagined that this thing would be so intense. As I had mentioned in the subject block, I was diagnosed in Oct 08, and very lucky for me, I had a nurse (I'm a health care worker) who recognized the symptoms immeidately and was able to head it off before it became to severe. My symptoms only had about a week to get hold of me before medical intervention came about. I only had to stay in the hospital for about a week. This thing was caused by an antibotic med. Now with almost one year gone, I'm still showing the scars on my back and legs (purple blots) and still feel fatique and tired. But I still work and able to lead a normal life. One thing though, I'm a diabetic and my nuropathy has gotten worse very quickly. Well anyway enough of my sorrows, I hope that these few lines fine you well and I'm looking forward in hearing from you.

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