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02/27/2012 10:58 AM

God let me make it a few more months(page 2)

enoughalreadyPosts: 1418
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Thanks married, its funny cause I always tell myself that now " Guard your heart" ever since you said that.

Thanks wife for your kind words, I know you are all here for me and I appreciate the support.

Lolli, You did not need to clarify anything, I understood what you meant, I was just being down on myself, lol. It's hard not to think like that after everything I have put up with. I think it is her just like it was the other women with you and your hubby. She posted on the groups page to him directly a joke that the two of them shared, she did it there so I would not see it and he did not want to hurt her feelings or look bad by not responding. I think it was the sneaking around that made me so upset yesterday, I think if he would not have said I was not supposed to see it and told me he was only posting to not hurt her feelings I would not have been so upset in the first place. I would have not wanted him to respond to her as I think she is one of those women who feed of attention from men but at least I would have not thought he was starting the conversation with her.


02/27/2012 07:55 PM
thewarisoverPosts: 314


i am so sorry u r dealing with that mess. I dont like that he laughed and was like oops u shouldnt seen that, umm its more like oops u shouldnt be doing that. anything he keeps from u is betrayal. i didnt find out mine was running around on me until after we split, but i did confront him on texting and phoning women and how it was inappropriate to talk daily for hours, and then met for lunches and i didnt know. but once i addressed it, he was like ur right, its wrong. but he went even further than what i thought.

my therapist said its lies and betrayal. and u know what if a man hit on me at the gym i would tell him, but i see i never got that same respect. its too bad.


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