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09/30/2011 03:19 PM

Can pregnancy prolong a manic episode?


My wife was pregnant during a manic episode seven years ago. During the episode, she had an affair. But she didn't end the sexual part of the affair until late in the pregnancy. She continued the relationship with the man until our daughter was probably three months old. Then, out of nowhere, she ended all connection to him. Thus the "black widow" reference in another post. She says it was because she felt bad about having a child with me and "talking" to him (I didn't know until 3 weeks ago that they actually had an affair). I believe it was actually because she was finally coming back down and became depressed. She wanted to kill herself at about that same time also.

So my question is, can pregnancy prolong a manic episode?

Most people here say an episode typically lasts 2-3 months.

I believe she is pregnant again. Her episode has been going on since probably March, as this is when the behavior started. That makes about six months. She was secretive, grandiouse, a workout freak, angry at me and kids 24/7, etc. I believe she started using HCG this spring, which is a hormone used to assist women to get pregnant. My wife was using it to lose weight, even though she won't admit it (I saw the syringes and she talked about using it after meeting her newer younger friends this spring in Dental School). She had her tubes tied after #5 but I believe that the HCG made her more fertile and a few of the swimmers may have gotten through. I also believe it was the HCG use that threw her into a HORRIBLE manic episode. I swear this will be a movie someday y'all.

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09/30/2011 10:15 PM
bethb2004Posts: 813

If she was unmedicated and pregnant, then the hormone changes could cause mania. HCG is a naturally occuring hormone during pregnancy and it makes people without bipolar euphoric. With bipolar, it can probably make them manic. Irritability is also a common side effect.

HCG levels increase during the first three to four months of pregnancy, then level off, so the increasing and elevated levels could have sustained the mania.

If she's taking shots now to lose weight, that is what could be causing the newer mania because it tricks the body into thinking it's pregnant and causes the same effect.

What makes you think she is pregnant again? It is possible that her tubes could have grown back together if they were not properly cauterized. It's not very likely, but I've seen it firsthand.

10/01/2011 02:53 AM
Posts: 4281
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KenDad5, how is the new revelation of the physical affair affecting you? There are alot of things going on for sure, and it's important that you take time to think about your feelings, as well.

10/01/2011 01:55 PM
enoughalreadyPosts: 1406
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Kendad5, I am not sure how HCG works with the mania but I did want to comment on this post. I have read several stories of people who have had mania last for well over 2-3 months even if that is the typical length it is not the only. I have heard of it lasting over a year or two. I also know pregnancy can be a trigger for an episode, so what you are saying is not to suprising.

either way I hope things dont go the same way they did last time for you, sorry you have to deal with just finding all of this out, I know it must have been hard.

10/01/2011 07:31 PM

I am happy to report that one of my friends FINALLY believes me about my wife. I described to him what the OM said about their sexual experiences and it was almost word for word the description laid out on a recent Dateline episode last Friday night involving a bp wife who tried to extort $50,000 from her millionaire husband. God is revealing things to people. Her mom still doesn't believe, but I believe she will soon.

enough...WOW!! It is heart breaking to admit but I would not be the father this time around. Call me crazy but I believe that God has revealed to me that she is not only pregnant but is going to have twins. I know it is the truth. YIKES.

No, I am not on anti-depressants and I don't have any bp tendencies. LOL. "The fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much." Through scripture and people that He has brought into my life (and confirmed with my girls in their day to day lives), God has told me that DW has bp disorder, is pregnant, and that we are supposed to have 7 children, even though it would take a MIRACLE to happen. I have been told of 3 different specific situations lately. God speaks to me in 3's. He always has.

Our family will make a huge impact on the world. I am supposed to raise the kids as my own. INHALE. My biggest concern right now is that she may try to abort. I have to do whatever I can to save them. She is not in her right mind. She wanted to abort our youngest daughter. I talked her out of it with the help of the OM, even though I didn't know he was working on her from the other side. I am afraid there is noone to talk her out of it this time. But then again, maybe there's a new man and he will talk her out of it again. EXHALE. These issues just keep getting BIGGER. But I know who holds my future and I know He holds my hand.

Lolli...I am crushed and when the girls go to DW house on her weekends, I cry myself to sleep sobbing uncontrollably. I don't let them see me cry anymore. I have been working out and am taking 7 hours of college in order to finish my degree.

bethb2004...She lied to me about the HCG, but I know she did the injections back in April thru June. I saw the syringes and she talked about wanting to do them. The young girls who she went to school with were doing them to lose weight. It has become clear to me that this is what started the mania and this is what allowed the pregnancy.

My life is a soap opera but I was called to love this woman and be ready for such a time as this. Funny because when this all started, my first thought was bp. But then everyone shot it down. God had to take me through a sanctification process to get me ready for the ramifications of what bp would bring into my life. Now it seems I am surrounded by people struggling with this issue.

Please keep me in your prayers, though. I sent off for a DNA test for our youngest daughter because the timing of the conception and when I know that the affair started coincide. The OM thought that it started after conception but I know he is wrong. Honestly, DW and I weren't intimate but maybe once in that period. She wasn't on birth control, I used a condom, it broke, etc. I pray that she is mine, but I know that I would have to tell the other man if she were his. However, that would mean that I hurt a 6 year old little girl in the process. Then I would have to give up custody to a mentally ill woman for now. If the other man wants her, I may lose her out of my life all together. BUT I AM HER DADDY!!

I will need $3-5K to get a psych eval ordered through the court in this divorce proceeding and I don't have it right now. So I wait on God.

I told you, I am dealing with some HEAVY issues here and they HURT. I see her friends' facebook profile pictures sometimes and it has DW and a friend with the craziest look in their eyes. I MISS HER. She is beautiful and broken. I'm sorry but it sucks to be married to a bp woman who goes nuts for other men when manic and never wants sex with me any other time because she's depressed.


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