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02/04/2011 06:00 AM

Bipolar and PTSD Husband

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Are all spouses of these types of spouses emotionally and verbally abused? I am so lonely and feel so rejected by him. It does not matter what I say, he is always snapping at me.

02/04/2011 07:24 AM
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No one can say all people with bp and ptsd react the same way. Some people become fearful. Some withdraw. No two people are alike, bp or non-bp. My husband was abused this way as a child and he has the tendency to snap and rage. This is how he grew up, it's a learned response, IMO. But I think through therapy, other responses can be learned. It takes a lot of committment and work to do this and I feel you need a very competent therapist who knows when and where to tread.

Welcome to the group! Please share your story when you feel comfortable.

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02/04/2011 08:15 AM
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Hey twosweet, Welcome to the group!!!! My husband is short and snappy with me occasionally but mostly he just doesn't say anything which is also hurtful at times. Actually my husband doesn't have much personality anymore and likes to sleep and watch television whenever he isn't doing something he absolutely has to, like going to work. He does very little around our house and tries to talk to me sometimes, but rarely initiates any conversation. Each bipolar person is very different in their interactions with their loved ones, although, there does seem to be some actions and behaviors that are amazingly similar in bipolar illness. Please keep posting---we are here for you!!!!

02/04/2011 10:50 AM
bethb2004Posts: 813

Welcome to the group! My answer to your question would be no. My husband had a manic episode a year ago where he became angry and mean. It was scary because he was like a ventriloquist doll with someone else doing the talking. You could hear the words, but you could tell in his eyes that he didn't mean them. That was one time in seven years. I'm usually the temperamental one of the two of us. Maybe I have bipolar and he's the normal one. Although, I should add that I'm not sure about the combined effects of BP with PTSD. My husband was originally diagnosed PTSD with depression, but when they gave him an antidepressant alone to treat that, he went completely over the edge. Then they tested him for BP. Not sure if they still consider him PTSD though....

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02/04/2011 07:25 PM
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twosweet, my husband has bipolar and PTSD. The snapping could come from either. Before my husband was diagnosed and in treatment, he could be pretty nasty with some of the things he said. He still snaps at me (my hubby is more manic than depressed) on occasion but I try to let those just roll off. It sounds like what you are talking about is much worse. Is your husband diagnosed and on meds? He should not have tons of rage if he is on meds but I always say meds are often not enough. He needs therapy--at least for his PTSD and I would also say for the bipolar.

Welcome to the group.


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