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11/17/2011 01:10 PM

Newby To The Group

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Hello and glad to be here. I have had back pain for as long as I can remember. I have suffered from episodes of pulling my back and ending up in ER and in bed many times. My last episode was the worse I have ever had. About 6 months ago I ended up in ER not being able to move. I could not walk and the pain was so bad my blood pressure ended up very high. I was placed on meds and bed rest for about a week. Since then I have been in constant pain. I had an MRI done and found out I have severe arthritis with swelling and it is pinching the nerves. I have had leg pain and leg stiffness for a very long time. Was told it is because of my lower back. Nothing really works. The longer I sit the worse it gets and vice versa the more I do the more it hurts. At night, during the day, at work, every thing I do is impacted by my lower back problems. I will be going to a spine clinic next week. Not sure what to expect. So that is my story. And among the other health problems I have i am a mess. Very frustrating. Any advice will do. THANK YOU.

11/17/2011 01:31 PM
RaoulPosts: 4014
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And w a big super welcome !

here is a ;list of a bunch of stuff to help. Am repeating it from the Email I sent you - this stuff will help you a lot.

Sciatica Helps

1. General -

okay - here are some helps - small pieces that add up:

1. Sleep on a memory foam topper. I use a 6 inch topper – it helps. Sleep on your back with the rubberish pillow under your knees to take all stress off of the lower back. Sleep with a feather pillow under your head and shoulders - to reduce cervical spine stresses too. If you sleep on your side – sleep with the rubber pillow between your knees to reduce stress on the lower back. Never sleep on your stomach – According to the chiropractic association that is a no no.

2. You can ice the lower back 2 or 3 times a day – 15 minutes on and 2 hours off. Should help reduce the pain.

3. You should try to get a shot of cortisone in the butt to help reduce the inflammation, That is called a depot shot of cortisone. This is true for most lumbar problems and maybe for some of the upper spine locations too. Limit cortisone injections to 4x per year.

4. Epidural injections of cortisone are also helpful but much more complicated.

5. definitely get some sort of meds for pain for when it gets really bad – like right now for me.

6. Getting up and walking around definitely will reduce the pain levels, but the first 10 to 20 steps could be a little more painful than some other times.

7. Use a cane to help you walk. It will increase your range, and help prevent falls. A fall now will make matter much worse.

8. Make sure to check all meds with your pharmacist to make sure you are safe. And check using a complete list of all meds and over the counter items when you check.

9. Sitting in a soft chair can feel good for a while but will put a lot of stress on the lower back. A desk chair, with a right angle between the back and the bottom is preferable.

10 Automobile travel is very bad for sciatica. It will definitely irritate your condition. If you must travel, stop the car and get out and walk for at least 15 minutes after every hour of travel in the car. That will help.

11. Stretches – the following stretches will help you a lot-

a. lower back

b. IT Band

c. Piraforma

d. Iliopsoas

e. core strength

If you ever want your back /spine problem to improve you need to do stretches.

You can find good descriptions and videos, and pictures of the stretches on the internet by googling , for example –“ exercise lower back”.

12. With as many problems as you and I have - a good physical therapy session is strongly recommended. They will help you to build up your core strength, and may even be able to help you to understand the nerve glide/slide stretches..

There is still a lot o f discussion needed about specific stretches - esp for your core muscles.

Clarification - do not ice your legs - not the knees, not the hips, not the feet, not the calfs. The pain is coming from the lower back - it is reflected pain. The ice needs to go on the lower back, the lumbar spine and the butt .

And it is important to stretch the hamstrings !!!!! You must stretch them or everything will get much worse. Google hamstring stretches.

do not exercise when you are in pain. But do exercise when you are not in pain.

In your case the piraforma stretch and the ham string stretch are the most important . Do them much more than the other stretches.

And you can get some really great other stretches for these two conditions on the net - google for example (piraforma stretch video) or (hamstring stretch video).

Hope these help a little.

Big Hugs, Raoul

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11/17/2011 01:37 PM
RaoulPosts: 4014
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when you go to the clinic - ask for a shot of cortisone (triamcinalon) in the butt. It will not hurt. It is the best way.

Do not get cortisone or prednisone more than once every 3 months.

take aleve every day with a ranitidine to protect yiour stomach.

try to limit heavy pain meds.

need to stretch- yes - i know it hurts.

piraforma and gluteus maximnus stretches - !!!!!!

hugs, Raoul

11/17/2011 01:54 PM
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Thank you Raoul. Your advice is very much appreciated and will come in handy. Actually more handy here since I am on here more then checking my emails and if others read they can use the advice also. I have not been having a good day today. Feel like all I want to do is cry. Don't know why I am feeling this way, but I am. You are very kind. The pain is quite bad today in my legs and back, and muscles just ache all over. This has been a very bad day. Feeling about as bad as I can. Thanks for your support. Peace! Dizzy

11/17/2011 06:32 PM
RaoulPosts: 4014
Group Leader


You need to do some of the things I have suggested in this thread.

The ice is particularly helpful.

hugs and a snuggle, Raoul


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