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07/01/2013 08:49 PM

Cervical spinal stenosis

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Hi, I'm new to the group. I'm a 50 year old female diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis about three years ago. I believe it was the result of a car accident about 19 years ago. My neck hurt ever since that accident. My area of stenosis is c4 through c6. The pain is not unbearable, but more of an achy type like I was forced to walk around with bricks on my head all day. I was told I cannot have an epidural because theremin no spinal fluid in that area. Do it want to take any narcotic pain meds, tried lyrics, worked great but made me dizzy. Is it true that I'm at risk for being paralyzed? I know surgery is a last resort, but saying I could be paralyzed if I get in a fender bender does not bring me any comfort either! Thoughts? Does cervical spinal stenosis cause fatigue? I have a hard time getting out of bed most mornings? I'm a pretty active 50 year old of normal weight. Thanks for any feedback! Wink

07/02/2013 05:17 AM
RaoulPosts: 4009
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Hi drummer

Welcome to the group. We do understand your situation.

Your situation can be addressed with a multi facetted approach and you should get significant improvement.

First a few questions: Height , weight, vocation, hobbies, how oftena week do you go to the tym and how many minutes of cardio do you do eachtime you go .

What stretches do you do daily or weekly.

What sort of a bed do you sleep on and what appliances do you have on the bed to help your situation.

What medicines are you taking now, including over the counter meds.

What country and state and city are ou located in.

What Mri's have you had for you problem.

Have you had any physical therapy for this problem.

Have you visited any : Chiropractors, osteopathic manipulators, accupuncturists,

Do you wera any braces or splints.

Have you had any spinal surgery.

Have you been to a pain management doctor.

Hgs, Raoul

07/22/2013 10:24 AM
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HiDrummergirl we are the same age and I have severe stenosis in my cervical spine also. Same area. I get a lot of radiating pain down my left arm,severe at times. also stiff neck and pain in shoulders. its awful to put it mildly.

Ive tried all the drugs.. not a big fan of them. I have oxycodone 10/325 for pain when needed. Cannot do the Neurontin tried many times. makes me very depressed.

Ive already had my lumbar are fused due to spinal stenosis. Hope there is something new they can try when I see a new neurosurgeon in sept. Ive moved to another state from when I had my lumbar surgery so have to have a new Dr. now..g

I also use ice packs when the pain is up. I don't have a good Primary Dr. yet, the one I have im not to crazy about.

Sure hope you get the help you need. Take care

07/31/2013 09:31 PM
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Hi ! I have cervical stenosis too and find fatigue a problem. For me it seems to be the fact that the constant pain makes a restful deep sleep a privilege not a right! I find i get a better sleep by self therapy before bed. SElf massage with Dencorub arthritis cream, gentle neck stretches, heat therapy (i use a hot water bottle). Pain killers are just unavoidable now altho i try to stick to over the counter ones unless the pain becomes way too bad.

I know i haven't had a good rest when that achy brick on the head feeling is harder to deal with the next day.

Also, chronic pain is very tiring!

keeping a positive frame of mind helps alot too.

I've had foraminal steroid injections and they can be a help.

Hope this info helps Smile

08/01/2013 07:35 AM
RaoulPosts: 4009
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I am going to post a pictures of my percussion vibrator on my profile page.

To get thwre, just click on my picture and scroll down to the very bottom.

I will try to post some pics of how i treat the cervical spine with the vibrator.

For me, normally the efect of a three to five minute treatment of the percussion vibrator gives three months of relief. Comparing that to an epidural which only gives two months relief, that it is pretty good.

This approach may or may jot be helpful to everyone.

The method is based on applying the percussion vibrator to the muscles on both sides of the spine. NOT ON APPLYING THE PERCUSSION VIBRATOR DIRECTLY TO THE SPINE. The percussion vibrator loosens up the muscles on both sides of the spine to a large degree - sort of like getting a five hour massage.

Hugs, Raoul

08/02/2013 08:11 PM
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Thank you. I'm having another MRI in two weeks. I got another opinion this week and the dr said I will eventually need surgery. I have no room for a steroid injection in my spine. No fluid at c5 to c7. This condition confuses me. Is it going to get progressively worse? At what point do u have surgery so you don't become a paraplegic.? Once there is damage, I'm assuming its permanent. I don't want to become a paraplegic or incontinent, etc. How often should you get an MRI? Where do you get one of those vibrators? Thank you so much!

08/02/2013 08:23 PM
RaoulPosts: 4009
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Hi surgery should only be for when you are numb , unbale to feel you legs at all, unable to control you bladder or rectum.

You should not get surgery for pain. There are other methods avqilable s long as the problem is pain.

Surgery to the spine can help. BUT, it takes a lng time to heal, often requires more surgery, often even three surgeries and after three the doctors will tell you SORRY. That is all we can do. Worse, every surgery leaves scar tissue , which will make the pain worse than when you started.

And here is the worst problem......the vertibra in the cervical spine (the neck). Are very small and are not well able to be properly fixed by the screws . Failure of cervical spine surgery is a huge problem or probability.

The above is my opiniion , based on speaking to a lot of people on mdj and one other similar site.


Post edited by: Raoul, at: 08/02/2013 08:25 PM

08/05/2013 10:31 PM
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Wouldn't it be too late then? I don't want be paralyzed. Once you can't move your legs or control your bowels, is it too late to fix with surgery? I have no spinal fluid at c5 to I at risk for being paralyzed right now even without surgery? I'm confused. Thank you!Wink Wink

08/06/2013 05:45 AM
RaoulPosts: 4009
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I have four herniated discs in my cervical spine. I also have for vertibra in my lumbar with stenosis. I have at least one compression fractured vertibra in the thoracic spine. I also have cancer in my thoracic spine. That is only information to help you understand who I am and that I am familiar with this problem.

The doctors have been telling me for 50 years that I mee surgery, yet, I am fine . Yes, i do get some mild pain, and some flare ups of pain but I function.

I used to ger epidurals in the cervical and lumbar spine, every two months - they would help for a while. Bt, they also would contribute to my overall treatments. I use a combination of meds, physical stretching , and methods for sleeping, and some mechanical approaches. That has put off surgery for 50 years. Surgery is not a good solution. Why ! Because when you fuse at one level, then the next level gets excessive stress and in ten years will need to be fused too. And that is assuming the surgery holds and does not require further surgeries right away.

I will outline my appraoch in the next few posts here. ((That is because i need to go onto my computer to get my files and references.)))

Hugs, and please understand , that I care very much, Raoul

08/06/2013 05:56 AM
RaoulPosts: 4009
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HI here are some links to help you . I have created these posts for you and for me too. they help a lot.

Here is a link to my PT stretches notes, if you need them to help you: discussions/general-support/3638164-stretches-to-help

You need to be on some medicines. You will need your family doctor for this. Do not mess with the pain management doctor unless you must. Normally , I get prescriptions from my family doctor for vicodin, klonopin, and tylenol 3 . Later, when those are not enough , then get meds from the pain management doctor. The pain management doctor also does the epidurals - both with sedation or without. discussions/general-support/3638244-medicines-that-combine- to-form-a-helping-net

You need to understand some basic things about sciatica: discussions/general-support/3636756-little-helps-that-add- up-to-be-a-big-help

Use the links and you may comment on them too.

hugs, Raoul


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