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05/19/2011 09:45 PM

New to the group

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Hi my name is Sara. I haven't offically been diagnosed with this but my doctors are seriously considering it. A month ago I woke up barely able to walk for no apparent reason. I went to the emergency room and got blood tests and a CT and got no answers then I went to two neurologists and got no answers and have also had an MRI on my head and nothing showed up. I've gone to see the doctors so many times and no one has any answers so now they are starting to talk to psychiatrists. Its frustrating. The 18th was a month that this has been going on and it is to the point where I cant be left alone. I just need to talk to someone that understands and to hopefully get some insight on if maybe this is what it is. They are starting to lean towards this diagnosis because I have previously been diagnosed with PTSD, Social Phobia and Bipolar.

06/07/2011 11:51 AM
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Welcome to the group. Im sorry i didnt welcome you sooner. Ive been offline with my son being out of school for summer.

Im sure its a possibility you have somatoform/conversion disorder. My symptoms came all of a sudden also. Lack of sleep, not eating good and stress makes it all worse. Do you have any other unexplained symptoms? i hope it gets better. i was also to the point of needing supervision and couldnt shower if nobody was home in case i couldn't get out or passed out in the shower.

The other diagnosis, i would think, make you more likely to have conversion/somatoform disorder. I also have ptsd and that alone is stressful. Pm me anytime to chat or post here and ill respond when i log back on. best of luck and let us know if you get a firm diagnosis.


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