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04/29/2011 10:06 AM

i went to alj hearing

theanxious1Posts: 10
New Member


hi everyone i am new here my name is john i am 26 years old throughout my life it has been extremely hard and lonely for a long time i knew i was depressed i didnt like myself i hated myself didnt have friends feared people anyways long story short i began having panic and anxiety attacks chest pain and couldnt breath along with dissyness and confusion and suicidal thoughts then came the deep depression so i was in an out of hospitals not knowing what was wrong with me thinking it was my heart maybe lung cancer maybe brain tumor ?? idk so i went from one dr he said i have anxiety i said to myself anxiety ok idk i feel like im dieing and i dont want to die i need to go to another dr so he can give me a second opinion so i did that and he too said its anxiety i told the dr of my previous use of drugs before alcohol marijunana and i was always using these to medicate myself so long story short i applied for ssi disability i got turned down the first time they said that i could that there is work that i could do so i appealed and got a lawyer and got denied again my lawyer quickly appealed that soo ok i went to my hearing i took my medications they didnt need to see them or read them hmm so idk why i brought them i drove myself to the hearing on the way i was depressed worried scared and had a panic attack soo by they time i got there i was all cried out so to speak i didnt cry in the courtroom but anyways they asked me the questions i described my symptoms of panic attacks and they asked how often i have panic attacks i told them daily i told them they asked if i had any friends i said no and since i have a breathing condition now and chest pain tenderness shortness of breath that is linked to my anxiety i cant do anything physical like jog work out lift heavy things so i told them all that and basically the guy that is there to determine what kind of work i could do said due to the breathing problems i have that i could still do sales which is something i have done in the past ok then the judge asked him ok do you think he would be able to be able make enough money to support himself and keep a job if he was missing 2 days out of the week due to having panic attacks and the guy said no i would not be able to sustain employment ... and that was the end of the court

soo idk whats happening the judge did ask about previous drug and alcohol use because i did used to drink and use drugs i told them i completed and outpatient program and have been clean for a year now im really upset

can you guys please give me some feedback oh and the judge said that in the records he had that he didnt have my medication list and asked my lawyer to please send another one in asap please give me feed back thank you peopleSmile


04/29/2011 09:49 PM
zebradaddyPosts: 13
New Member

From my experience, which is VERY limited, they don't do due diligence on the early rounds. I've heard from some who have been accepted straight away, but they are few. I've heard many more recounts from those who thought they had all their ducks in a row, but were declined. That sounds like where you're at.

I get how the self-medication goes. Back ten years ago, I tried the illicit stuff, and more recently (the last couple years) I've used caffeine. It doesn't work. You need a professional, and I don't mean a General Practitioner, I mean a specialized doctor. Somebody who can really understand what you're feeling and going through, and the ways in which it impacts you.

My only advice is to persevere. If you don't have an attorney, get one. And when you receive a decline letter, make VERY sure you meet the time-lines required in the letter. You only get your one shot to hit your appeal deadlines, so you have to do it.

Please follow up me us about your experiences. I'm concerned about you, and I care.

04/29/2011 10:47 PM
theanxious1Posts: 10
New Member

theres alot of stuff i didnt also include that i feel is favorable but yeah my anxiety is kickin my ass waiting all this time and waiting for answer from alj but yeah thank you for your response and for caring any time i can talk to someone or chat realy helps Cool

05/02/2011 03:12 PM
Posts: 4130
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Keep hanging in there!!!

The fact that the vocational expert said that you wouldn't be able to keep a job, if you missed a couple of days a week due to anxiety attacks- that makes the case sound pretty good.

I have no idea how the previous alcohol and drug abuse goes into play. Personally, I don't know why that would matter. If you can't work, and your doctors agree... well, then you can't work.

I know the waiting is horrible. But, please, just hang in there!! You'll know soon enough. The biggest part of waiting is over.

Once you find out- let us know!!

05/02/2011 04:30 PM
theanxious1Posts: 10
New Member

thank you so much your input on my situation your website is so helpful and soothing to me and im sure alot of other people as well ,yes i know the waiting is the worst part and the fact that ive exhausted any money i ever had saved

07/22/2011 06:14 PM
Posts: 3
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I went to court today in from of Robbins in Fort Myers and he was very nice and understanding and actually looked me in the eye when he spoke to me and seemed to care about my health and mental health issues. I am on many meds and should be on many psych meds but I cannot afford either. He asked for my proof of seeing a Dr the whole time since my last Dr went out of business which I have and proof of my pay being cut in half from what I made last year which I have and he gave me two weeks to get both which I find very fair and then he will come to a decision after he gets this info. I will let you know what the outcome is.

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