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08/26/2009 07:41 PM

UP date of SSD hearing today.

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I promised that I would share my experience in SSD court and hope the experience will help relieve the stress that is present by not knowning what is going to happen.

I was not in the best of places today as I had just recieved the news from my doctor at the cancer center that my mamogram came back badly and I have to go back into hospital next Tuesday for 5 To 8 hours of testing, so my mental was not doing so well. I was also in a lot of pain from the hour drive into the city, so by the time I got to the court room, I was in a lot of pain and not sure if I would be able to fully discribe my life and need.

There were six people in the room. Myself, husband, my attorney, the Judge, a court recorder, and a employment expert who was hired by the judge to listen to my testimony and then give him her advice on the jobs I could preform and what was avaible in my area.

First I and the Employment expert were sworn in that we would be truthful.

Then a couple of minutes of the judge talking to my attorney about paper work and was it all present.

The judge than addressed me. I was asked my full name, address and age. He asked me if I have entered an agreement with my attorney for payment for representing me and was it agreeable.

I was asked what I lived in and with who. I was asked what type of income my husband had, not amounts or where, just who was working in the home.

He started with simple questions, do I drive or have a drivers license, how much education do I have.

He asked me about my interest and hobby's and I told him my interest.

He then started asking medical questions. My reply was short as I was instruced by my attorny. He asked do you have pain in your back, what does it feel like, can you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. He asked this about each area of my body that was submitted as a injury and disability that my attorney supplied.

When the entire body was covered, he than asked personal questions about my emotional status. Not prying deeply, just asking how it effected me in my daily life. Like what do I do when I am depressed, what do I do when I am in a panic attack, how do I cope with the physical pain emotionally.

I was thankful he did not go deeply into the sexual and physical abuse in my history, but he was very tackful to not make me feel like I was on trial.

After all the present day issues were asked about, he asked me what I did for hobbies before I was disabled.

By this time I was a bit teary and emotional as the pain and stress was present. But he was not scary, he gently asked questions. Yes they were questions I would not want to discuss with a stranger, but I kept in mind that I would never see this man again and I could in the next hour leave the room.

He was finished with asking me about myself in twenty five minutes.

The judge then asked if the employment expert wanted to ask me anything.

She addressed me, and was not agressive. She again asked my educational level and could I read and write and add and subtract. She had a list of my former employers from the last ten years. She asked me to tell her what I did in work in each job. This took about fifteen minutes.

Then the judge asked my attorney if he had any questions. My attorney took about ten minutes to bring out a few more details of what my physical problems were and how I coped with them with medications and how many hours a day do I have to lay down, how long can I stand, how long to sit, and other things like self treatments to deal with the stress and pain levels.

The judge then questioned the employment expert and asked for recomendations for employment with considerations to my medical records and testimony.

I did not understand all the lingo, as it was given in numbers of refference in the disability law.

But what it boiled down to is that there were no jobs at all that I could preform that would allow me to work to support myself. The Judge questioned her for fifteen minutes and it almost seemed to me that he was asking her more than once if she was sure there was nothing at all. She said under the restrictions she is under and all considerations, there are no employers that would entertain her as a employee.

With a bit more legal talk I could not relate, the judge adressed me for the last time.

He said that it would take him four to twelve weeks and I would have his decison in writting and that he would very seriously take all of the evidence and recomendations and make the most fair judgement he could.

He wished me well and dismissed the court.

My attorney was pleased with the hearing, he said the testimony went well. The attorney said to mark the calandar that it would be 90 to 100 days before I would have a final ruling and that it would be in his opinion a favorable one, and a check would be issued and SSD started.

Of course I cried half the way home only because it was a long wait of two and a half years of waiting and now it was over. I was not intimidated at all by the judge and he was doing his best to make it as least upsetting as he could for me.

I was told by attorney that this was a normal hearing for my judge.

I hope and pray that if you have to have a judge, that he would be as mine and your experience as smooth.

It was not easy to talk to a stranger and have others in the room, but I kept focused that I would not ever see any of these people again, so it did not matter what they thought of me.

I hope this helps relieve your fears of your SSD hearing.



08/27/2009 07:34 AM


Thank you for writing about facing the judge,It will help many who will be going through the same thing.

As for you. Please take care and let us know about your testing. I hope everything goes ok!!


08/27/2009 12:32 PM
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Your welcome and no problem. If I can spare anyone one second of anxiety I am willing to.

I am keeping positive about the testing. As was suggested to me from another forum here of breast cancer, she said, if she had to do it all over she would not spend any time in worry for something that will not be effected by the worry.

I liked that.

09/02/2009 05:46 PM
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Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I think by doing so it helps those of us still waiting.

With all the pain we suffer, and trying to cope with everyday's hard not to feel overwhelmed or have anxiety.

Hope you have a favorable answer soon!!



09/02/2009 06:24 PM
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Your welcome Tammy. If my attorney is correct, it will be favorable.

09/02/2009 06:35 PM
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Thank you Gen,

I was entering today to let you all know how the doctor appointments went.

The heart specialitst was good and I like her and have a good amount of confidence in. I have two valves, the mitral valve and the aortic valve, both have a problem and are allowing blood to flow back into the heart instead of going one way and out of the heart.

I am told that surgery right now is not a first option that the risks out weigh treatment. So I was placed on Diltiaz ER and it is suposed to help equal out the pressure in the heart chambers and regulate the heart beat.

The mamogram was six hours of yet more testing. I have several tumors of calcium that are benin, pain ful, but not cancer. I have six more that are fibrious and water filled. Also considered at this point benin.

So it is a every six month battery of testing now to make sure they are not changing.

Stressful yes, but I am dealing with it.

Thanks for asking.



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