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06/26/2009 03:33 PM

I won disability, now what?


Ok so I had my hearin on Wednesday, and I was awarded the benefits right then and there. My lawyer told me that the process will now take an additional 60 to 90 days to be completed and then I will start receiving. I got sick in 2006, but the judge is only back paying for 2007! Anyway, I'm anxious to know how much that is going to be. I know it's a little different for everyone but can someone who has received there's since 2007 send me a pm and tell me how much they've received for back pay so that I can sort of have an idea on what to expect?

06/27/2009 11:31 AM
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I think it depends on what you are approved for.

Are you being awarded SSI or SSDI. With SSDI you have to have worked enough credits to qualify for the program. Generally it is a larger payment than SSI which is for people that don't have enough work credits.

I'm just starting my fight with SSDI, but from statments I've received my benefit would be a little over $1,000 a month.

I don't qualify for the SSI program, because of my husband's wages.

Hope that helps a bit. And a great big CONGRATS!!! on getting approved!!

I am so happy for you!! Smile

07/18/2009 03:16 PM
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From the very beginning, they really should have told you how much you'd be getting. They should have told you the back-pay and your monthly. If you're not getting anything yet. I'd call them and find out. Cause mine didn't take 60 to 90 days, it only took a couple of weeks.

Also, if you would (we'd all greatly appreciate it)- go to the following topic here in our group and post about your hearing experience: advice-discussions/general-support/675837-what-was-your- hearing-walj-like#675885

Thanks! ~gentle hugs always~


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