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04/28/2012 06:31 PM

trying to get approved in the first stage

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my husband had a stroke in 1-2009 but was told it was stress and anxity no MRI. he has not worked since then and has got the numb left side/ wierd gait, and vascular dementia. I filed for his disability in Jan 2012. He went to his pcp for he was hoping for a rx for mri, but she discovered his blood sugar was over 700 and told him he has had a stroke and go to hospital, where he ended up staying 9 days. they did ct, mri and confirmed the old stroke, and multiple newer little strokes. this was in march. I have been going crazy collecting info, writing letters, taking him to many appointments ect. we went to the medical eval ssi ordered, should have been an hour but took 3 hours. I spoke to his adjudicator and she said the dr are already evaluating and THEN she caught me off guard and said the dr's complimented the letter I wrote, and she thanked me for getting all the forms, dr notes ect fax'd to her, and said its pretty clear the severity of his condition. I dont want to get my hopes up but I CANT IMAGINE WHY THE ADJUDICATOR WOULD EVEN MENTION ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I was expecting her to be cold and quick off the call. what do you guys think?

04/28/2012 07:24 PM
ElvisPresleyPosts: 2887
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You should be getting a decision anytime, it usually takes about 4 months on initial application.

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