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02/23/2012 09:21 AM

what do you thik



02/23/2012 01:05 PM

I'm not much into the regular fox news. I do feel to a certain point it is some truth into what the are saying. But they can not stereotype everyone. Their sarcastic attitude is what gets me. Of course not neither one of them have to think about disability. They have the funds. The atty that is running his flap is making a killing off of his clients. I would not read to much into the asses they are all for self. You the lady the women made it known that she went to Harvey and paid for it.Good for her, everyone did not have life as she did. Well I did not attend Harvey but I did go somewhere and damn it still trying to pay for it. Happy that she was able to get the type of position to make the money to pay the money back. I'm going to shut up, because those are the kinda of folks my language will not be nice.

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02/23/2012 06:07 PM
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There all idiots, Period, Especially the guy that said if it was up to him he would not allow for social security, I wonder how many people he Robbed and Fooked to get up his ladder ? He loojs like a real peace of art work. Ohh and for the lady that went to Hardass colledge and paid for it and has the position she has now, i wonder how she got the money ? "SlurpSlurp" Oh i bet she is a true Blonde Bimbo :o/

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02/23/2012 06:40 PM

The ssa sure pays out allot in ssdi claims $200 billion a year and that guy you were talking about was a judge for New Jersey Superior Court so he dose know the law I would hope .

02/24/2012 04:19 AM

I agree I thought it was funny to watch.

02/25/2012 05:47 AM

So Janeybaby46 you don't believe that the ssa puts out more money than it takes in from FICA taxes, even with the Obama payroll tax reduction ?abd that the ssa trust fund is in trouble. Remember the trust fund is separate from the regular SS fund you know the one were you reach retirement age not ssdi.

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