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07/14/2013 01:27 PM

ssi backpay can i request more

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New Member

i bought a car recently and i need some things worked on it,do you think i can request more backpay so i can fix it, they are giving me the 3 backpay installments ,

07/14/2013 01:38 PM
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Group Leader

Can't hurt to call and ask. Usually, debts related to food, clothing, shelter, necessary medical things, new home purchase can get them to pay larger installments if you can really show critical need. Good luck!

07/14/2013 02:43 PM
ElvisPresleyPosts: 2891
Group Leader

Like Lost said, I believe if you call and tell them the situation and that you bought a car with the last installment they will.. I remember someone else here that posted they got theirs earlier.

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