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01/29/2013 04:44 PM


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My husband went to a hearing on nov 15 2012 after that his lawyer call me to tell me that the judge approved his SSI but we haven't receive no letter i call her on jan 16 and she told me that the judge hasn't sign but is approve, how long does it take for him to do it ? thank you

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01/30/2013 05:46 AM
heatherj78Posts: 1673
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that is quite a while to be waiting. if all its lacking is a signature then you should be receiving the award letter soon. backpay should follow a few weeks after that.

02/28/2013 06:53 PM
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Ok my husband just receive a ckeck on feb 25 and another one on the 28

but we want to know if welfare is going to take something from the backpay

he has not received the letter where they tell him how much he will received.

03/01/2013 01:30 PM
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I got my letter about 5-6 weeks after the hearing and the deposit was made within a day or three after the letter. I cant help much about welfar I have seen on here that they do take what you had receieved from them or a portion can not remember. If they sent you checks already they must have already taken that out of it. I would have to assume anyways.

03/01/2013 01:44 PM
ElvisPresleyPosts: 2885
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I got my letter in 5 weeks.. They can make you pay back any cash assistance you received on welfare..

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