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11/04/2011 03:28 PM

help with a diagnosis

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hey . i am new to this but found it on google as i was looking to figure out what it is i have .

i am a waiter in a popular resturant and have worked ther for 6 years . aswell as that i run my own photography business.

wile working in the resturant i have developed a hate towards people.

i am not shy at all i can talk to anyone but i choose not to because it seams a waste of time. they dont listen to what you say they just agree.

i actually tested this theroy and just mumbled words and people just agreed. wich proves to me its a waste of time talking to then.

people you go out of your way to help but have no manners or respect.

how can people be like this ?

close friends and family i dont have a problem with its just customers and members of the public.

i am normally a happy upbeat person who always looks on the bright side of things, dont show any anger and dont get stressed but i thinks its been building up lol

i have always been able to hold my tounge when some gets rude or obnoxious but i am sick of it , the only thing stoping me telling them to shove it is knowing i need the income .

so does anyone know if this is Social Anxiety Disorder ?

would be much appreciated if anyone has any advice or help



11/27/2011 08:57 AM
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It doesn't sound to me like social anxiety, but I am NOT a doctor. I worked with the public for many years. There are times when the hypocrosy just hits you. I imagine this is especially true in your line of work. The "pleasantries" people exchange are often superficial and greetings rhetorical. They are not seeing you as a person, but as a waiter. Most people are poor at inviting others they don't know into their personal world. It just seems you need to look at this as not personal at all, even though there are times when it's better to be insulted than treated like a piece of furniture.

11/29/2011 11:48 AM
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Hi Knoof,

Why make yourself miserable,do you see THEM making themselves

miserable for YOU? It's superficial behavior in a superficial situation.

It is NOT social anxiety.You can do one of 2 things:1.Accept it as part

of the job,or 2.Be EXTRA polite and courteous so they notice,that way,

everybody wins!

Good Luck,


11/30/2011 07:24 PM
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Well said jimindigo.

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