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05/26/2009 01:31 PM

What works for you?(page 6)

fesupPosts: 3851
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What works for me? Pain pills, laughter, and Mdjunction!

Here's another Mutley for you Tiner Beaner!


04/22/2011 02:42 PM
Posts: 2
New Member

I read that people are concerned with buying medication and not know if it works. I've been trying biodream and found some success. It's an all natural sleeping pill. But the neat thing is that they are offering free samples on their website. So you can try it adn see for yourself it works before you invest any money.

10/23/2011 08:21 PM
Posts: 2
New Member

I like biodream too. I like that its an all natural sleep aid like melatonin, but works better. When I take melatonin I feel like its a 50/50 chance on working.

04/16/2012 08:05 AM
Posts: 8

are we all stomach sleepers?

i don't know why, but i find it impossible to sleep any other way.

also, if you're a lad and you wear boxers and you sleep on your a stomach, you're danmaging your penis because of the button in your boxers.....better switch to trunks is my advice

04/30/2012 04:46 AM
Posts: 3253
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I apparently am a belly sleeper as well. That's what my sleep apnea tech said. That sort of concerns me because it would seem that the mask wouldn't stay in place or I wouldn't be able to sleep in my usual position with the mask on. One or the other.

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