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04/09/2008 07:22 AM

Take Celexa in AM or PM ?

TuffyPosts: 233

I've read in alot of posts of other people taking Celexa. I take mine in the morning as the script just says to take it one time daily. For the people that take it at night, does it help you to sleep a bit better? I'm willing to try anything if I can just get a good nights sleep. Thanks for your input.

04/09/2008 05:26 PM

My dr. said to take it in pm to help with sleep. It does relax me to help with sleep. Also I drank some bedtime story tea. It has spearmint and something else. Sorry foggy right now. Anyway it did help me fall asleep and didnt taste bad. Hope this helps.

04/11/2008 05:17 AM
Posts: 1438
Senior Member

I take Paxil CR I have always taken it in the morning and don't have any real drowsy effect however there was a time I was on Zoloft and I did take that at night because it made me drowsy and therefor I did sleep better

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