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10/04/2012 10:19 AM

idiopathic hyper insomnia/ sleep apnea

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Hi my name is Wendy, I am new to the website, just diagnosed with idiopathic hyper insomnia and sleep apnea, it has been a long hard road with a lot of tests. Hopefully now with the nuvagil and adderall I will feel better.

Does anyone have any advice or opinions on these meds? I am 41 years old and just want to lead a productive life!


07/16/2014 07:29 PM
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Hi Wendy, pretty new here myself and have suffered from this all my life. I generally sleep less than 7 hours a week, sometimes go over 7 days without sleep. Got a diagnosis finally a couple of years back but am still going through the whole testing thing to provide proof for a disability support claim.

I've found that modafinil (pretty closely related and similar to nuvagil) has been highly effective in improving my quality of life if used sparingly. Generally I only take it if I need to be active that day and am particularly run down from lack of sleep. I've found it's not very addictive if used this way at all and with little to no side effects for me - there is one thing I'd caution though, since it only masks the symptoms of tiredness rather than treating the cause it can be easy (especially when you first start taking it) to over do things and when the medication wears off you suffer a real crash where all that tiredness hits you at once.

I'd be careful with adderall - much more addictive than nuvagil or modafinil. Also be very careful with the dosage of it - high doses can cause psychosis as with most amphetamines. I've been offered prescriptions for this drug and similar ones on the basis that they're much cheaper here (Australia) than modafinil but have turned them down because I'd rather pay more and risk less in terms of addiction and side effects.

Obviously consultation with your doctor(s) is most important to making your decision as to which medications are appropriate for you but I hope this helps in terms of bringing up some of the things to be aware of/ask doctor about and wish you all the best.


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