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10/23/2010 12:15 PM

Unsure if Sjogren's any help is appreciated

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I am not sure if I have Sjogren's Syndrome any feedback on my health issues would be appreciated. I started having health issues in the end of August. I had a cough and it changed to dry mouth. I have had dry mouth ever since. In addition to my dry mouth I have been throwing up on and off for about a month.

I am a 26 year old female. I believe I have been throwing up because of this dry mouth I have. I have hardly any saliva and talking is sometimes hard because my mouth is so dry. I have been to a rheumatologist, ent doctor, gi doctor, and pulmonologist. I was tested for Sjogren's syndrome by having blood tests but the blood tests came back negative. I even had a lip biopsy for Sjogren's that also came back negative. I had an endoscopy and barium swallow test. That came back that I had acid reflex disease. I have taken acid reflex medicine but the dry mouth still remains.

I have had an abdomen catskan done, chest catskan, and neck catskan everything negative. I have been frustrated because I don't know if it could still be Sjogren's. I have the dry mouth and dry cough. Is there any other test that I should be tested for Sjogren's since I had the blood tests and lip biopsy? This has been going on for two months it is frustrating. Can this be something else other than Sjogren's Syndrome? Thanks.


10/23/2010 04:42 PM
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I do not know of any other tests for Sjogren's other than the blood tests and the lip biopsy. Sjogren's isn't the only reason that you would have dry mouth, have the docs considered anything else? I'm going to list a couple of websites that I like for Sjogren's, you can check them out if you want to see if you have any of the other symptoms, if you don't know what they are. Good luck on your search for answers.


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