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11/16/2009 05:38 AM

negative blood test for sjorgren's

carmdi04Posts: 58

Hi, all. Well, my blood tests that the Rheumotologist did came back negative. At this point I do not know what is causing my lips to burn and I have a red flush in my crotch near the vagina and urethea area. I still also have ringing ears and discomfort around and behind my ears. I also have problems getting up from lying down or a sitting position. My head starts swooshing around the ears.

I see the Rheumy the end of the month. I am going to request a lip biopsy and maybe a test on the glands around the ears.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? Thanks, Diane

I see the Rhu


11/16/2009 05:41 AM
bunnyoPosts: 250

The ringing in the ears and swooshing lead me to think about vertigo as the cause... maybe go see an Ears, Nose and Throat specialist?

The rash - a yeast infection... ask for a med to see if that helps?

Hopefully you get some answers soon...

11/16/2009 05:45 AM
carmdi04Posts: 58

Hi, Bunnyo. I have been seeing an ENT for years and he says all is fine. I did go see my gynocologist and he said something is irritating that area and gave me a prescription for hydrocortisone cream. It seems to help but nothing helps the lips from being red--i use vasoline and lip cream but nothing helps them. Thanks for the help. Diane

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