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12/18/2011 05:37 PM

Single Mom to Three :)

skams13801Posts: 1
New Member

I am a single mom who is divorcing...I have three adopted children (6, 5 & 4). Most days are wonderful, but others are overwhelming and stressful. I am in nursing school fulltime (one more semester!) and am finding it harder to divide my time so I am not ignoring the kids, yet still passing my classes. In other news, I have begun dating with mixed results...for the most part, men are thrown off by the 3 kids thing, so that has been hurtful to my ego! Unsure Hoping that I can find someone that appreciates me and the 'baggage' that comes along with me! Wink

Looking forward to chatting with other single parents for advice and support!


12/19/2011 02:54 PM
Posts: 35

Sounds like you are doing pretty good! You must be non stop, going to school, 3 kids and dating. Good for you!! I'm sure you'll be fine. If some men don't like the idea of you having kids, oh well. You'll find one great one that will be thrilled to step in and adore your children along with you!

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