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10/06/2011 11:42 PM

Any Good Shingles Jokes?

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I'm sick and tired of the one where the guy goes into the doctor's office and the receptionist says "what are you here for?" and he says "shingles".

Any others that can help brighten a newbie shingle recipient's day?Blink [img]


10/30/2011 08:55 PM
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I got my shingles in December 2009, got a lot of "Shingle Bells", "All The Shingle Ladies" good jokes other than my family coming up with nicknames for me.

12/18/2011 07:53 PM
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Yeah, my wife was giving me the shinglebells routine, you can tell by my screen name. So anyway I told her that if she kept it up I was gonna have to leave her. She told me that I would have to frequent the "Shingle's Bars" to find a new wife.

Not quite a joke, but it was funny!


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